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Thread: Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

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    Spoiler. My DS told me around 20 cars arrived in Seattle for delivery. He was going to contact a lot of owners tonight and tomorrow as a surprise.
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    The time is coming: got my email for Dec 18 to Jan 1 delivery!!!

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    Wow I see so many Perfs in the spreadsheet now so mine must be close. Anyone get a white car yet? Not pearl, but white.
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    Tighter window for my delivery (VIN P01536): Sunday or Monday (12/9-10).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norbert View Post
    . Probably due to Nigel moving posts, .)
    no kidding. That boy will move him some posts ...

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    Just received my delivery email. Even though everyone else has said it, I feel the excitement and I can't wait. Got a delivery window of 12/12-12-26. Details:

    Production 51
    Grey Performance
    Grey 21" rims
    pano roof
    sound package
    parcel shelf

    Friday I received the VIN P01751. The last 3 years were nothing, now the real wait begins. Having it delivered at the house. I hope the truck can get down the street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sublimaze1 View Post
    no kidding. That boy will move him some posts ...
    He's a mover and a shaker...
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    Quote Originally Posted by walla2 View Post
    Spoiler. My DS told me around 20 cars arrived in Seattle for delivery. He was going to contact a lot of owners tonight and tomorrow as a surprise.
    Gah! You're killing me! (in a fun way) Telling myself, "January." while hoping, "Tomorrow!")
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    Talked to Tesla today. P1577 (delivery window Dec 7-21) has a VIN, or so I'm told. Looks like they were 1-2 weeks too optimistic on the front end of my delivery window, as my car is only nearing the test/inspection stage, and after that still must travel cross country. They said they'd email the VIN to me about 5 hours ago...still haven't received it. I wonder if it's not in their system and they've sent some poor intern to track my car down in the factory to look up the number!

    Communication's still a problem, it seems. Sent an email to Tesla regarding buying some items from the online store a few weeks ago. No response. Sent an email to delivery@ last response. And now not receiving the VIN email that was promised on the phone.

    No, the emails are not going to my spam folder, and yes, Tesla has my correct email address (even confirmed by them on phone). Seems like they need a support ticket system.
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