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Thread: Any Islanders?

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    Any Islanders?

    Just curious to see if there are any who either live on MVY/Nantucket or make regular trips to either locations. I make trips over there 1-2x per year to see my family. My brother lives on MVY year round now. He just purchased a PiP and it seems to be a popular item on the island these days -- seems like the perfect car for a small island, especially when gas prices are so high there.
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    FWIW, there are no reservations shown on MVY/ACK on my map.

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    I just heard from someone who knows someone who knows someone who lives on Nantucket and has recently taken delivery of their MS. That’s all I got but now we know there is at least one on the island. I’ve requested pictures for proof.
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    At Cisco Beach. On island since 12/13. Have seen a couple others this summer, though I think they were just visiting.

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