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Thread: New England delivery party

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert.Boston View Post
    For those who weren't able to join, we had the pleasure of seeing two Model S Performance cars of Ben (@cinergi) and Troy, Mitch672's PiP, a BMW ActiveE, and, from the ICE side of superb, a Lamborghini LP 550-2 Spyder in metallic orange (with a gorgeous CF package), and a gorgeous red sports car that, I blush to say, I didn't ID.
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    Thanks to everyone who attended, the "Plug in Prius" in then pictures above is mine

    Here is a 20 minute test drive done with my handheld iPhone 5, Ben has the patience of jobe, he's explaining the car to a non reservation holder he met at the Tesla Natick mall store (she even came to the party)

    Edit: only the first 10 minutes of the video uploaded. Argh.

    257B38A4-B2F9-4A8A-9AC8-FB05963911FC-1093-00000085B4A55A61.mp4 video by mitch672 - Photobucket

    Here we are standing around:
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    Looks like you had a good day (weather, cars, and people). I couldn't make it.... working to afford my MS.

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    It was great meeting everyone....looking forward to the next gathering.

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    Great seeing all of you! and glad i got to take a few of you out for a spin!

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    We did have it all, thanks for everyone bringing their cars, the food and helping me clean up at the end.
    And thanks Mother Nature for the great weather.


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    A good time was had by all. Nice meeting all of you, and thanks for all the doughnuts!
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    Very nice morning indeed! I'm sure I'll miss some names here -- great to meet (or see you again) Troy, Mitch, Robert & his son, Jarrod, Paul, Dennis, Jason, Woof, & Willem. Had several others there that aren't on the forum so a virtual greeting to them, too!
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    Thanks for hosting EdA and organizing this Cinergi. Loved the cars and the company. Hope you all did not mind my post campfire scent.

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    It was sure nice attaching a face to everyone's username. I had a great time. Thanks for hosting EdA. Thanks for the show & tell (and the ride!) Cinergi. Hoping for even more Model S's for the next meet. Look's like you saw an exciting Pat's game, Robert!

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