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Thread: Road Rally this Sunday October 7 at 9 am! Meet at West Point Museum Parking Lot!

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    Road Rally this Sunday October 7 at 9 am! Meet at West Point Museum Parking Lot!

    Let's have a Road Rally this Sunday, October 14th!

    [B]CHANGE OF DATE: We have to postpone-- terrible weather predicted Sunday: Heavy rain & very cold-- send me a PM if you can do NEXT SUNDAY!

    The leaves are changing and the Hudson Highlands are gorgeous!

    We'll meet at 9 am Sunday October 7 at the West Point Museum Parking lot (you'll know us by the mobs of Asian tourists in buses refusing to go into the museum, and instead photographing the Roadsters!

    (Rain cancels!!! We'll pick another Sunday if the weather isn't nice.)

    Then: up 218 (it is beautiful), back down, up to the top of the Bear Mountain, then crusing down-- recharging all the way!!!--then over the Bear Mountain Bridge-- maybe stop at the scenic overlook--
    then we'll end at at my house in Montrose New York--
    long driveway, but my Tesla does it everyday--
    have lunch, catch up about Teslas, and anyone who needs to charge can play tennis or hit golf balls while charging on my 220.

    What do you need to participate:
    1. A Tesla Roadster (or an S!) or an equally hot electric car (is there one?)
    2. Yourself & a passenger if you want
    3. R.S.V.P. to me so I have some idea of who we are meeting!

    What will I provide? A simple lunch (sandwiches & soda) and a charging station!

    Questions? Send me an e-mail at [email protected].

    Photos from last year: Update Your Browser | Facebook
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    You might get a better response in the mid atlantic sub forum. Most of us here are closer to boston.

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