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Thread: Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Since more Model S' are hitting the road I think we need to have a new sticky or sub forum for mechanical or technical issues. I was at the LA store yesterday having a vibration issue with my Roadster looked at (it was determined to be a bent rim...ouch). There were several Model S' there for service. One had a broken windshield, the others were there for upgrades or replacement of the stereo amp. The service guys said there has been an issue with the amp that can only be fixed by either replacing it or upgrading the firmware at a service center (won't work over the air). They also said they've had a few door handle issues arise already.

    So far the techs have said they've seen no drive train problems, and that's a good sign. I don't want to read too much into these early delivery problems, but I think we should start to track them in a wiki or thread.
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      Wiki-Post This is a Wiki Post.
    As early adopters we are seeing many teething troubles with the Model S. These are to be expected but are frustrating nonetheless.

    This Wiki attempts to capture the problems that have been seen, and any approved (or unapproved) fixes and workarounds. Anything provided herein is used at the owners risk.

    General Car behaves like Christine Cinergi Car is doing a software update Go and have a cup of tea (or several) and hope things don't turn nasty
    General Any other random error Cinergi et al Unknown Reboot...
    • Reboot the center screen by pressing and holding both the rollers on the steering wheel for about 15 seconds
    • Reboot the dashboard display by pressing and holding the top buttons on both sides of the steering wheel as above
    • Call Tesla Service
    Doors Doors difficult to close Various Door misalignment during production Tesla Ranger or Tesla Service can realign door
    Doors Door handles don't extend (properly) ggr here Software bug/mechanical problems Call Tesla Service
    Doors Wind noise from top of door/window Misaligned window during production Call Tesla Ranger or service to adjust
    Brakes Breaks squeak/screech Limited use due to regen causes surface oxidation, causing noise when brakes applied Options:
    1. Live with it and be glad you don't have to keep paying for brake pads
    2. Use the brakes occasionally, whether you need to or not
    Sound System Little or no bass; little or no sound from rear speakers Dolby 5.1 with a stereo source
    • Workaround: Turn off Dolby 5.1
    • Fix: Hopefully TM will adjust the sound system to properly emulate 5.1 from a stereo source
    Windshield "Low Washer Fluid" error Mike K here v4.0 code bug? Reboot (see below)
    Windshield Washers jets don't cover entire windshield Jets angled too low Use a pin to reorient nozzles, or call Tesla Ranger
    Windshield Wipers can't cope with heavy rain dmetcalf here NNIC (Not Needed In California ) Update: they fixed the speed with an OTA update within a month - before heavy snow - NNIF(lorida )
    Locking/Unlocking Car will not lock Contaygious here Passenger door not closed properly Close door properly
    Displays Orange dotted line on range/power display Various Cold weather and/or Range Charging Orange line means that regen is (temporarily) disabled or reduced. This is normal behviour until the batteries reach normal working temperature or can accomodate charge from regen
    Displays Pixellation ggr here Software bug Not seen in recent software updates
    Power/Performance Low Power warning; Call Service Ben W here Unknown; possibly 3.x software bug Power off car using Settings, wait one minute. Repeat another two times.
    Suggest reporting to Tesla Service for diagnostics
    Homelink Various problems; will not program Bifff67 here Software bug Fixed in 4.0?
    Charging 'Vampire' drain - losing significant charge each day when not plugged in Bifff67 here Keeping the batteries conditioned and keeping the computers powered up v4.0 code introduces Sleep Mode to reduce power consumption when not in use; consequence is that computers take longer to boot when turning car on.
    Charging Charging is "painfully slow" at 110V (3 mile/hour) Ben W here Physics Works as designed. If you need more, move to NEMA 14-50 (240V, 40A, 20-30 mile/hour) or HPWC (240V, 80A, 62 mile/hour) or Supercharger (160 mile/30 min)
    Charging Charge cable cannot be removed from charge port Mechanical and/or software problems Potential work around: put car into Range Mode, then use settings to stop charging; charge port lock may release
    Proper fix: call Tesla Service
    Charging Charge cable will not lock on insertion into charge port
    Mirrors Side mirrors stopped tilting down when car in reverse. MDR here User error Car has to be in reverse gear to save the mirror position for reversing. Put car in reverse then hit save.
    Backup Camera Display 'floats' in wrong place on display screen Cottonwood here Software bug Not seen since v4 code
    Body Bubbles in paint armour ChadS here Normal drying process Should disappear in a few days. If not, call Tesla Service
    12V Battery Dashboard warning about needing to replace 12V battery Ben W here Bad batch of batteries/Software Bug There was a software bug that was causing the 12V battery to drain. Fixed sometime before 4.0. If you still have an issue and are already on 4.0 call Tesla Ranger or Service to replace
    XM Radio When switched to new channel, still shows old channel num aviators99
    Defogger Defogger rapidly oscillating between low fan and highest fan (5 times per second) aviators99
    4.0 Google Maps bug When doing various pinching and zooming, OS crashes, A/C stops aviators99
    Phone app Timestamp on "Recent Calls" is incorrect Robert.Boston Software bug
    Invertor Moskito typ whine @15-30KWh Lazy Bear Unknown Service said whine level is acceptable (No so to me). Workaround: turn on music/radio.
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    I'm having two issues. The door handle problems seem to be real. My driver's door handle extends but won't open the door. Ranger coming to fix it in an hour or so. The other problem I'm going to show him is clearly a software problem, the dashboard (small) screen has smatterings of black pixels with a semi-regular pattern. This is almost certainly caused by data being written through bad pointers. Problems like this usually get worse over time, until something important gets overwritten, so after I show it to the ranger I intend to do a display reset.

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    now we're getting down to it. nothing beats real world use for a proper shake out. sorry to hear about these issues, but not surprised. hopefully they're very much on top of it all and fixes will be implemented and folded into production asap.

    thanks for tracking these things, i think a wiki or updating list is imperative.

    good luck guys. we're all holding our collective breath on these things believe me.


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    ggr, how did the ranger visit go? The door handle problem sounds a bit disconcerting; the handles have more or less been considered by TMC members to be the most likely piece of mechanical gadgetry to show signs of trouble; probably right up there with the pano roof.

    Mods, sticky please...
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    Cool, great idea. And we should bin them and give them bug numbers and track what version had the fix and if the fix worked. (sorry)

    But first things first, vin 96, Software ver 1.7.36, awaiting next update that I was notified about.

    to the pixels thing, I saw something different, I had a white flashing on the bottom of both sides of the dash screen. just for a few seconds but really caught my eye.

    BT: In the delivery we paired my iPhone to BT. later in the day I had a call, worked. At the end of the day I had a call and the car dropped it but the call was still on so I picked up the phone and talked. And then the car reconnected. Next day the car could not connect to the phone. I spent a lot of time, restarted phone, other stuff, no luck, connection would just spin and not connect. Next day I tried more and did reboot of car. Then the BT screen would come up with list. I deleted phone and then re-paired and it work. More later on if it holds or falls out again. iPhone 4S 1.5.

    HomeLink: I could not get my garage door opener to pair with the HomeLink. Tried multiple times, held button down for well over a minute, no workie. Last idea, I did it again and instead of standing in front of the car and aiming it, I stooped down and held directly against the front black nose. It worked.

    Just because of some inconvenience, I have not charged for a couple of days, nor driven the car (!). and the charge is down pretty far. There is another thread on the 1% per day discrepancy. Over the week I have noted miles available on Tues 80, Wed 72, today 62. Thats more than 1% a day. I will do a lot more empirical data collection over time but this is initially worrisome. And of course I am going to plug it in!!

    Good thread, so what else are we seeing out there people?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bifff67 View Post
    Just because of some inconvenience, I have not charged for a couple of days, nor driven the car (!). and the charge is down pretty far. There is another thread on the 1% per day discrepancy. Over the week I have noted miles available on Tues 80, Wed 72, today 62. Thats more than 1% a day. I will do a lot more empirical data collection over time but this is initially worrisome. And of course I am going to plug it in!!
    This worries more than the rest of the items to date. The others seem like software or simple mechanical glitches that could be fixed. Maybe yours is an issue with how the battery is calibrated with the software. If you're battery is draining that fast while not doing anything, that's bad.
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    Is that 80% to 72% in one day without driving? If so, definitely something not right.
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    I'm counting on you first 1000 to shake out all the bugs...
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    Now my worrying has begun regarding reliability. Door handles, battery issues, radio issues, pixel issues....oh boy.

    Regarding exterior paint: I talked to a specialist about "soft" paint that's on the Model S. I had this specialist polish and put Opti-Coat on my Prius to see the effect/results before committing this technology to the Model S exterior. After seeing the results, I'm 80-90% sure I will put Opti-Coat on the Model S too. Not 100% sure yet b/c it hasn't even been one day of results yet.
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