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Thread: Would a news article help?

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    By the way, just to clarify.... I wasn't being disparaging too Americans in general, I read it back later and it seemed a bit harsh... my comments were aimed at the ludicrous (to my mind) comment about "peddling". I fully understand it's a US built car, and all of that.... so it's no surprise it's going there first, I just thought the comment was naive, ill-informed, protectionist and, in the long run absurd... do people know how large the exec market in Europe is? It's huge, and has the magic fleet cars in it too.... not, as I understand, a US thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by I'm In Awe View Post
    @aviators, thank you for the corrections. My main point is for Tesla to communicate with their customers. A delay in the line due to a defect could be communicated to the future owner as a delay that will be corrected. A knowledge of how the factory is running the builds, even a general and vague explanation, would help. Reservation number is just used for tracking, and to build in that order is, I agree, impossible. But for the amount of future owners on here confused about the process (from what I've seen goes back to July), and the hodge-podge of intel that comes in from different sources, to include rumor, could be better resolved with customer service and feedback. IMHO
    This has been answered today with TSLA's 8-k. In a nutshell: supplier issues have resulted in production delay issues which have resulted in revenue issues which have resulted in risk of breaching capital ratio requirements by March 2013 of DOE loans. Hence, TSLA now needs to offer more stock. Ugly. Who wants to believe this company now?

    Now people are canceling orders b/c of what you mentioned above and probably now b/c of bad financial press and lack of faith in the company.

    Am I an idiot for sticking it out? Maybe...only time will tell. I can say that I would prefer waiting a few more weeks to get a perfect car (which isn't possible given the lack of rear seat cup holders, lack of interior storage, and non-power folding mirrors. So yeah, maybe I am an idiot).

    However, I still have some faith in Tesla, and I hope to get a perfectly made EV (especially given it's 100k price).
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    So far, all physical aspects of the car are rock solid. Software in places needs updating (nav unit) to add features that are missing but that is easier than fixing something mechanically wrong.
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    As the WSJ says in its article this morning:
    Many established car makers with long histories of launching new models struggle to hit ambitious launch schedules without compromising the assembly quality of their vehicles.
    So it's not as though this is the first time in automotive history that it takes a bit longer to get a quality car out the door.

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    Sorry, but that post was a rant that you'd send to Tesla. Not an article. Perhaps a LETTER to the editor. Fail.

    Robert.Boston ... I have to second the VIN comment! My pet peeve is hearing someone ask me for a PIN number!

    (Enjoy your day Robert!)

    Let's see where the stock ends up today ... here's to 29?

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    Just a friendly reminder that this site has an "ignore member" feature.

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    No post will push me to use that feature. I study different opinions to find my own blind spots. It is inconvenient but an indispensable requirement to avoid fanboyism and group think.

    I just keep skimming through the posts. If something strikes me the wrong way, I look at the author, and then usually I think "oh, well... this guy/gal again."

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