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Thread: Is anyone actually buying the 40 kWh Model S at this point?

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    I think the EPA range is expected to be in 120-130 range, only 1.5 that of the Leaf's 73. (or compare the Leaf's 100 ideal to the 40's 160 ideal).

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    Tesla needs to get rid of the misleading 160 mile pack. It has less than 1/2 of the 85kw pack and that is rated at 265 miles. Sure the 85kw pack is supposedly heavier or maybe not. They need to get the EPA estimates out. In standard charge I'm hoping for 100 miles.

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    Check out this post about the TMC Bulletin Board message about 40 kWh packs as well: 60KWH roll-in - B5 theory: they won't do it til after Jan1 - Page 3
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    Sigh... not starting the 40's until March? Trying to make lemonade here. A couple extra months may enable me to save for a paint color... if Tesla will change my order from black. Sticking with the 40kwh as a 55 mile per day commuter.

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    for people thinking about an alternative with a tesla 40kw drivetrain

    deals on the rav4ev (uses tesla drivetrain)

    Rav4 EV Deals Dec 4th thru Jan 7th. | PriusChat

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    I'm getting the 40 since I drive 4 miles/weekday and then a few times a year, about 80 miles.

    Hard to justify the cost of a bigger battery.

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    I am, I never go more than 50 a day.

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    Based on the difference in EPA mileage between the 85kwh and 60kwh versions it is very likely that the 40kwh version will have EPA numbers of 100MPGe and an estimated range of 153 miles. Very compelling numbers if the car is going to be used for inner city commuting.

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    I talked with some folks with a BMW ActiveE (or w/e it is called) and they had tons of questions about the S. I think they were a little surprised at the affordable 40Kwh version of the Model S and how nice it is. About the same price as the ActiveE (which is lease only at this point) and arguably a nicer car.

    So I think the 40 has a market.
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    My driving is Sunday about 20 miles Monday 55 Tuesday to Friday 32 Saturday no more than 30 probably less. Monday to Friday 16 miles with a steep hill climb for about 6 miles and some times I am forced to floor it and get up to 85 briefly but the trip home I go downhill about 6 miles. Looking at the graphs of speed versus miles I am more than good even if I forgot to charge one day. I will most likely charge at 110V 15 Amps.

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