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Thread: Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

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    i suggest you look into inventory sale vs ordering online.

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    First drive: Simply stunning! My garage has some of the best toys including a stage 3 997 TT and I have to tell you I'm thrilled with my wife's new P85D, it is every bit as enjoyable to drive as any good sports sedan. I taught her how to leave it in "insane mode" as this seems to be the standard means of travel in these first few days. You know I have to say that rarely do I challenge another car in my TT, it just seems a bit to over the top and showboating given the HP etc. But in the Tesla, I find myself consistently coming off the line as if every light is a race....its just awesome. An absolute technological marvel and a real "in your face" to the big auto companies. I'm not ready to throw out the Porsche but we have clearly crossed the bridge and I'm sure that in this family, the cars of the future will all be electric. Did I say Amazing

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