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Thread: Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

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    Quote Originally Posted by medved View Post
    Thanks Mayhemm. Those are original Tesla Grey Cyclone 19” winter wheels. Actually the wheels are one of the reason we had to wait that long. Originally we were supposed to get the car in summer 2013 so I ordered the car with 21" Grey Turbine summer wheels. But then the delivery was delayed till the end of the December. So i told them i need winter tires. They offered me Grey Cyclone 19” winter wheels. But when we came to pick up the car there were 21" Grey Turbine summer wheels on the car. I said they need to be replaced otherwise i could get a ticket for using summer wheels in winter. So they replaced them. We travelled back from Tilburg with four summer wheels in the trunk.
    You could have made 3K selling them.
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    Purple Tesla!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael M. View Post
    Thank you very much. I don't know why more people don't get them in green but it seems to be the least popular color.
    From my Tesla Motors sources brown is the least popular color. Though I think the Model S is beautiful in any color, even Purple!
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    (early on Tesla was offering custom paint for the Model S (~ $16,000). I recall only six people took advantage of that offer. This was one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibxspeedracer View Post
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    22's on 245/285 Continental DWS with Photosync 75/35, Opticoat Ultimate, & XPel on front 1/2 of end of weekend this weekend: custom installed LI, STI-R+, and spoiler will joining the party too

    I ordered red my black on black last month and wanted to see other photos of black Tessa's.

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