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Thread: Financing a used Roadster

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    Icon3 Financing a used Roadster

    I'm noticing that several financial institutions are hesitant to finance pre owned Roadsters, dueto the fact that the have very little information in reference to the car and the cars resell value.

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    I was just telling ChadS that FirstTech credit union has been good with me on occasional 'oddball' projects or terms. They used to only allow tech-company members but that has changed now (you just need to pay $5 to get in).
    No direct experience with them about EVs, though.
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    Yeah, my experience this morning was that Boeing Employee Credit Union would not finance somebody that wanted to buy my RAV4-EV, because it's not in the Blue Book. They would happily finance a gas RAV4, or any new EV. But any rare car could hit this issue.

    Obviously it varies by bank; I have heard from plenty of people that did get loans. And I suspect even at a good (more likely a local one) bank, a manager could have discretion with a good customer. They are also more likely to go for it if you put more down - the possibility of getting upside down on the value of their collateral is the reason they are concerned. Sorry that I can't recommend a good bank though; I haven't financed one myself.

    (Fortunately I found a cash customer for the RAV4, so now there is plenty of room for both the Roadster and the Model S in the garage!)

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    I just got approval from PenFed at 1.49% for used Roadster, private party. Over the phone, simple credit check.

    I've never financed from private party before so this was a good experience.

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