Model S delivery Tue, Nov 13

  1. sfriedrich
    My Model S is being delivered on Tue, Nov 13 up here near Auburn (actually Greenwood which is near Georgetown on the Divide).We will have drinks and snacks on hand. Please PM me if you would like to attend. (We don't know the hour yet, but it's likely to be between 1 and 3)

  2. Jason S
    Jason S
    Darn, can't make it. Have fun with the new car!
  3. bonnie
    I would have loved to have joined in ... can't wait to see your car, Steve.
  4. lodenthal
    Congrats on your car! Do you love it?
  5. sfriedrich
    Love it, love it, love it, love it. Can you guess how much we love it?

    Sadly they came out and took it back Monday.

    The (second) UMC died in the middle of that last huge rainstorm. Something about the way it croaked seems to have left the car's computers on and they drained the 12v battery. It wouldn't respond to me at all when I went out to see it the next afternoon. The manager of service in Menlo was so terrific. They drove out here the very next morning and brought things back to life... but they also discovered that there was a water leak around the hatchback. (I think our deluge exceeded anything they've got in the water test at the factory!) They put it on the flatbed and took it back to Menlo to fix that and do some real diagnosis on the rest. Engineering already knew about the leak and there was a service bulletin for it.

    Should be back in only a couple more days. We sure do miss it. Driving the old ICE cars really does feel primitive now.
  6. bonnie
    Really sorry to hear that, Steve - and not a bit surprised that you got such good service from Tesla. Johnny? He's been my go-to guy ever since Jake started handling parts.
  7. sfriedrich
    Baby came back home yesterday. Everything is all fixed and the newest firmware was installed. Shane delivered the car and said that he was my ranger, from Menlo. Went very quick, no paperwork since it was all warranty.

    I drove a lot yesterday and then again today. I think that I am back to normal now!

    Today I drove from the Georgetown Divide, down off the mountain and out to the Sacramento International airport. 65-75 the whole way (except thru the canyon, of course). Dropped off my beautiful, brilliant and talented wife. Drove back, with a bit more spirit in my acceleration. Parked at home on the Divide. It was a 110 mile round trip and I had 99 mi. of rated range left; what a vehicle!
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