First AZ Delivery?

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  1. MarkV
    I finally have a VIN (00496) and expected delivery in second week of October. Any other deliveries in AZ scheduled? As luck will have it I will be in Phoenix for a conference the week of 15 October. If anyone wants to visit, compare notes, go for a spin, let me know.

    Mark V.
    SIG 64
  2. MarkR
    Hi Mark: If the offer is still open and your car is delivered, I'd enjoy connecting with you this weekend. Congrats on being the first (that we know of). Mark 602-980-1875 cell, 480-948-7137 home
  3. MarkV
    Yet another delay. My delivery window was 7-21 Oct. with early in the window being "predicted". That slipped to the second week. I received my final paperwork and made my final payment on the 11th so the timing seemed reasonable. The second week slipped to the end of the window. Here it is the 20th and still no notification of delivery all I can do is hope for the best. I will let you know when the car actually arrives.
  4. MarkV
    Well the car is finally here. Arrived Friday afternoon. Going to ADEQ today and then DMV. Licensing is not an easy task. Planning on going to the GoE3 charging station unveiling/grand opening at Picacho Peak next weekend if I can find out exactly when and where. Not sure when I will be in the valley next.
  5. MarkR
    Congrats! I'm sure you know we're all jealous as hell. You noted that licensing was not easy. Given that I'm P1312, I probably won't see the car until easly 2013, but would appreciate knowing anything that might minimize the chaos at DMV. This info would likely be appreciated by other AZ members. Thanks. Mark
  6. MarkV
    What it boils down to is that the car must be inspected by ADEQ before they will certify that it is indeed an electric car so you will have to physically take it to them. After that you can then go to DMV and get it checked again and all that paperwork completed. This is not too bad other than the hassles of waiting in lines and dealing with people that are not familiar. You will be billed by TESLA for the sales tax due. TESLA will then issue a check to DMV for that tax. Problem is that if the check is not exactly the same as what DMV calculates then you have to go back to TESLA and get another check issued. In our case TESLA calculated the tax based on our residence in Pinal county which came out 7.7% and DMV used 6.6% which is the state tax only. Granted we got money back but it took over a week to get this all done. Watch the calculation of license and registration closely. Not all of the DMV staff know how to make the calculation. Your license and registration should be in the range of $33 (plates) + $8 (for alternative fuel plate) + $8 (registration) +$4 (TVL whatever that is) for a total of about $50-$55. I have suggested to TESLA that they just write the check for the taxes to the owners that way you can write a different check to DMV if the amounts do not match rather than Fed-Ex'ing things back and forth. If you want a personalized plate, you must first purchase the regular plate and then apply for the personalize plate.

    Even if you have problems with DMV, you will have a 90 day temporary plate (window sticker) from California and you will be enjoying your car and the hassles if any will seem insignificant.

    We have over 1000 mile in two weeks and are spoiled rotten. Our other vehicles are now, all of a sudden, really lame.
  7. jomo25
    Mark, Congrats on the delivery! Definitely envious of you and all the others getting their deliveries now. I'm hoping to finalize in the next month or so, and looking for a March-May delivery. I stillneed some ducks to get into alignment for that to happen, but I'm working on it.

    As a note, the $4 VLT (which is what I think you meant instead of TVL) is the Annual vehicle license tax. It's what some people call the annual registration fee for the car. So, $4 is awesome. That's because the biggest AZ incentive for EVs is the reduced VLT. For a new ICE, the VLT is calculated:
    $2.80 for every $100 of assessed value of the car. The assessed value for ICEs is 60% of base new car price.
    But for EVs, the VLT is calculated:
    $4.00 for every $100 of assessed value of the car. The assessed value for EVs is 1% of the base new car price.

    So, for the Tesla, the VLT is: 58000 * 1% / 100 * $4 = $4 since its the minimum. I beleive it is off of base regardless of options. But even if it was the retail price, it still would be on $4 since it would have to be over $100000 for it to be more than $4.

    Compare this to a $58000 ICE: 58000 * 60% / 100 * $2.80 = $974.

    So, in this case, the AZ EV incentive is $970. And since this is paid ANNUALLY, it accumulates over the lifespan of the car. The subsequent years are reduced by about 15% each year, but still it'll only be $4 per year for the Model S (whereas an ICE would still have payments in the hundreds each year).

    I was wondering how the sales tax would be handled. And thanks to your experience, I have an answer. So it looks like AZ will only collect the state sales tax (6.6%) and not the municipal portions of the sales tax. This makes sense to me, but I wonder if your county/city will come at you for the additional 1.1% you referenced. (Have they? Or will you have to file something to pay it?) If not, this is also a savings since if I bought a car here in the PHX area, I'd have to pay the full 9.1%.

    Anyways, congrats again on the car!!!
  8. MarkV

    DMV made no mention of the county coming after us for the additional 1.1% tax. I can only surmise that the reciprocity between states over taxes does not apply at the county/city level. I do agree that this may end at some time when the governments figure out how to make it work. Hopefully it will not be retroactive. Looks like you are in for even more benefit with a 2.5% differential. Good luck.
  9. MarkR
    Congrats to MarkV. This is all great to hear. Just heard that my delivery window is Dec 15-31. OMG . . . maybe it will really happen. Been waiting a hellova long time.
  10. MarkR
    MarkV: and thanks for all of the very useful information regarding dealing with DMV. Perhaps by the time that I get the car, they will have come to some understanding that Tesla is indeed an electric vehicle.
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