Fresh roadway - CA 101 Del Norte

  1. Zextraterrestrial
    Just south of Crescent city we are paving about a 20 mile stretch of nice 2 lane (w/ some passing lanes) highway.
    It goes from Klamath river to The end of crescent hill and passes some elk grazing areas and a very scenic beach (no swimming except rare days) then up a 650' hill along a coastal cliff
    (that probably wont be around for very long 10-20 yrs? the road has sunk ~6 feet in a couple of years in the stabilized area w/ retaining walls)
    then it winds through some pretty amazing redwoods for the last 5 miles.
    I keep driving on the finished part and wising I had my S so there was no engine noise to ruin the serenity of it all
    Most of september was foggy in the lower areas and sunny in the upper trees - the transition areas were amazing with the sunbeams in the fog!
  2. inkynote
    Now that you have your car, have you driven this stretch?
  3. Zextraterrestrial
    The first week I had my S I took it up to Crescent City. There had just been a bunch of rain and some redwood tree mud slides just beyond the section of repaved road. The area of road that I inspected the paving for is very smooth and quick. Fortunately it was littered with redwood detritus so I drove safely through the area. I need to take some video of that area in the spring. It is Beautiful!!
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