Delivery Dates

  1. sublimaze1
    Looking at the Model S delivery date, it looks like they are prioritizing factory pickups over delivery (e.g. there is a signature 400's model that is going three weeks after a signature 800's model, and the 800 is a pickup, where the 400 is a St Louis delivery)

    So anybody on this forum know/think/surmise if this is going to be an advantage or disadvantage? (e.g. are they going to bundle us closer to the lower numbers, or are they going to wait until they have a full semi and ship later in the production line?
  2. VirtualE
    The model S are delivered ad they fulfill the orders and your order.
    The factory pick up just doesn't need to organize a delivery.
    I live in CA. And I decided to pick my Model S at the factory because I did not want to wait 3 days to wait for the delivery.
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