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TMC Members Recreate NYTimes "Failed" Roadtrip

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Tesla Motors Club (TMC) members are currently retracing the New York Times’ East Coast Supercharger test drive that over the past week has hit the headlines worldwide. You can follow their real time progress via the map and @TeslaRoadTrip twitter feed below.

For those that have been living under a rock, on February 8th John Broder from the New York Times published a story where, while testing Tesla's East Coast Supercharger route, he managed to run a Model S out of energy and had to be recovered by flatbed truck.

In the controversy that followed, Tesla CEO Elon Musk accused the review of being "fake" and published log data from the car showing discrepancies between the NYT account and what the car recorded. Mr. Broder claims these logs are inconclusive.

Inspired to prove what the Model S is capable of, seven (or more) TMC Members are retracing Mr. Broder's route. This time by getting a full 100% charge at the Milford, Connecticut Supercharger, they plan an overnight stay in Groton, CT (like Mr. Broder) before returning to the Milford Supercharger which the NYT journalist failed to reach.

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  1. atlg8or's Avatar
    Love it guys. Giddy up!
  2. Discoducky's Avatar
    WOW, up to 10 so far!
  3. Seegem's Avatar
    Email this to the nyt! Well done guys, I'd have joined if my tesla arrived in time (next week!)!!
  4. Unregistered's Avatar
    Great job guys! Broder's BS is being proven wrong 9 times over! The guys from volkswagon are a little suspicious though.
  5. Unregistered's Avatar
    Now make sure you fill up the battery.. you don't want to Broder your trip.. and no Brodering around any parking lots please.. keep it simple
  6. ToddRLockwood's Avatar
    This is just awesome. Live coverage is a hoot! Happy Motoring!
  7. dtich's Avatar
    i hope you all got to contact tm and enable vehicle tracking and telemetry. would love to see a graph of all the cars stats overlaid for the whole trip, the charge state, the speed, etc. would be bitchen as they say out here...

    kudos to you all for taking this on! hell hath no fury like a model s owner scorned..

  8. MikeL's Avatar
    Tesla owners rock! A lot of happy people riding w you from afar. ML
  9. Unregistered's Avatar
    "to broder"; a verb, as in "to purposely or with willful ignorance run down the battery pack of an electric vehicle to the point that it no longer moves the vehicle."
  10. Unregistered's Avatar
    it looks like some vehicles are charging faster than others. is this a difference in the installed options on the vehicles or at the charging stations?
  11. cwerdna's Avatar
    It's awesome you guys are doing this. Hope you guys all make it to Boston w/o any issues. At least it'll be more ammo about the trip being totally doable, besides the CNN reporter.
  12. pme's Avatar
    Brilliant! Will be very interested to see NYT's take on this.
  13. Unregistered's Avatar
    You guys aren't retracing Broder's route, you're RETRACTING Broder's route!
  14. Robert.Boston's Avatar
    The fault, dear Broder, is not in our cars,
    But in ourselves.
  15. SoCalJen's Avatar
    Boy, you Tesla devotees sure love your cars. Really inspiring to watch you put questionable journalism to the test. Sounds like you're in the home stretch. I read Mr. Musk's data and the NYT reporter's rebuttal. It's looks like the reporter stretched the truth and deliberately undercharged the car. There's no question that he acted like an irresponsible EV owner. Looking forward to hearing how each of your Tesla Model Ss performed along your journey.
  16. Unregistered's Avatar
    Now that all the driving has been done.. its time for the SEC.. clearly there is some investigation needed, in light of the timing and the rational to 'broder" the test car.. why would someone risk so much? lets just check..
  17. Unregistered's Avatar
    Urban Dictionary: broder

    it is now officially in the "dictionary"
  18. Unregistered's Avatar
    Tesla has gotten it right with the 18650 lithium ions format, and offer for different sizes of battery.

    I wish Nissan would learn a lesson from that, drop the polymer stuff, and allow for installing more battery after purchase.
  19. Unregistered's Avatar
  20. Thumper's Avatar
    Bite it Broder!
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