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SpaceX CRS-1 Mission to ISS

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Falcon primed to launch!

Many of us at Tesla Motors Club are also SpaceX fans. Follow the mission LIVE with us here and leave your comments below. The launch is scheduled Sunday, October 7th at 8:35pm EDT. Coverage starts at 7pm EDT.

Image Credit: SpaceX .


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  1. rabar10's Avatar
    Thanks for the press briefing heads-up and embed!
  2. doug's Avatar
    Pretty last minute for the briefing. But I'll be back to watch the launch.
  3. jcstp's Avatar
    replay and pics here SpaceX | Launch Central
  4. doug's Avatar
  5. doug's Avatar
    T - 5 minutes! This is exciting.
  6. Bearman's Avatar
    whats all the smoke before launch?
  7. doug's Avatar
    Lift off!
  8. dsm363's Avatar
    This is so cool! Makes me proud that an American company (like Tesla) is doing something this big and monumental.
  9. doug's Avatar
    Everything looking great!
  10. doug's Avatar
    Who else is watching both the NASA feed and the SpaceX feed?
  11. Robert.Boston's Avatar
    Me!! So great. This takes me back to the Apollo days.
  12. Doug_G's Avatar
    They made it to orbit!
  13. PopSmith's Avatar
    That was amazing to watch!
  14. rabar10's Avatar
    Solar arrays deployed, transition from launch to mission control. Freakin' nominal
  15. doug's Avatar
    There's supposed to be a post launch briefing in about an hour on the NASA feed which is embedded above.
  16. aronth5's Avatar
    Very exciting. Looking forward to Wednesday when the ISS grabs Dragon
  17. danny's Avatar
    Very cool, thanks for posting
  18. Discoducky's Avatar
    That was fun, so cool to see it go off without a hitch of weather or anything else. Yeah SpaceX!
  19. dmetcalf's Avatar
    I saw it live, but too cloudy for good pix. Anyone coming out this way to see future ones, check in with me as 40 pct of the neighborhood is NASA engineers who might have special viewing passes.
  20. doug's Avatar
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