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Tesla Model S Enjoys Major Exposure in the Sunday Times

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Gracing the cover of the Automobile section in last Sunday's New York Times (September 30, 2012), Tesla Motors scored a multipage spread including a glowing review of the Model S as well as an account of a 530 mile roadtrip using Tesla's newly launched Supercharger network.

The review entitled One Big Step for Tesla, One Giant Step for E.V.'s by Bradley Berman argued that the Tesla Model S is one of the few cars that actually may deserve to be labeled as a "game-changer". Berman goes over some of the many great qualities of the Model S such as its excellent balance and handling (despite its 4,600 lbs), huge user-friendly touchscreen, and its ability to receive over the air software updates. Name checking two of the companies known for great design Berman teases, "If the Model S is Aston Martin on the outside, it’s Apple on the inside."

The review wasn't 100% positive, however. Berman complains:

Yet Tesla sometimes takes its urge to reinvent too far. When parked, the outside door handles completely recede into the body. This makes opening the door a multistep process, and it can take two or three attempts before working. Other design imperfections include an artsy visor that’s too small to block the sun and mirrors made of fun-house plastic rather than, well, glass. And the trade-off for industry-leading aerodynamics is limited rear visibility.

Despite these annoyances, he concludes that none are likely to dissuade a single potential buyer. The coverage is yet another marketing coup for Tesla considering the company has yet to pay for mainstream advertising.

Source: NYTimes .
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