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Cinematechs' Delivery

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Well, It's been 3 Days since I've taken delivery. I can honestly say that, as excruciating as the wait was, it simply magnified my Tesla experience. The entire process from order to delivery has been excellent. Sure, there were a few bumps in the road that I would probably attest to TM being a fairly new company, but overall, it's been great. My favorite part of the purchase process was (aside from the car) the fact that I didn't have to deal with a typical car salesman. You know, the "what can I do to make you buy this car today?" reject. The unpolished streetwise salesman that thinks he can pull one over on you by letting you believe your getting the best deal around. This time, I was well aware that there weren't any negotiations on the price, and I was more than happy to let TM make their profit. After all, we all want TM to succeed and continue to revolutionize the auto industry.

So, my delivery went smoothly. I asked my DS the day before to not detail my MS as my detailer wanted it as is. Upon my arrival at the Dania service center, I was quickly greeted by my DS Jacques. He told me that my baby was being prepped and charged. I could see it through the service center just glistening under the fluorescent lights. I knew it was mine amidst the others as my 21" grays just deafly screamed for my attention. The anticipation to board my rocket would have to build as I had to sit through the paperwork session. Although it seemed like an eternity of signatures, it still was about half as much as the last car I bought. Jacques then followed with "let me go get her for you." I suddenly saw my 2 months of TMC forum posts flash before my eyes. All of the information that I had succulently savored had now cumulatively been uploaded to my full attention. I now had the cure for any ADD moment that I might have or will encountered throughout my life.

Mako was just stunning. Yes, that's right, Mako. The fastest shark in the ocean. A shark capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour in mere seconds. Sound familiar? I was just focused on this beast of a car. So focused, that I hardly hear a word of what my DS was saying for an hour. His voice seemed like it was traveling through a pair of your grandmother's tomato cans tied by a string. Better yet, it sounded like I was now a kid in an old Charlie Brown cartoon and he was one of the adults speaking in his trumpeted voice.

I was checking over every square millimeter of this vehicle. Options check. Performance check. Double check. Triple check.
Only 2 issues: 1) a little moisture in one of the tail lights. (easy fix according to Jacques) and 2) the Paint Armor on the nose cone was bubbling in the corners of the bottom portion(Also an easy fix I'm sure). Overall the Dania Beach Tesla Team was superb. Thanks Jacques and company for excellent service.

After the meticulous and therefore successful inspection, I reached for the ejected chrome handle. I sat into my red pipped performance seat, customized a Slacker station, and stepped on the speed dimmer. My next task? Performance Trials. To be continued.......

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  1. Mayhemm's Avatar
    Condensation in taillights: Easy to fix but hard to prevent. (thought Tesla would have that licked long ago).
  2. DIL's Avatar
    Really enjoyable blog entry. It was so fun to relive the moment with you. Congratulations and have fun! Please keep posting about your early ownership experience!
  3. Larry Chanin's Avatar

    Congratulations, she's a beauty!

  4. mpt's Avatar
    What an evil color combination, ah, so jealous!
  5. Bob Jordan's Avatar
    Enjoy your car!
  6. gardnerep's Avatar
    How large of an area does the paint armor cover on the nose of the car? I do a lot of highway driving and a little strip across the nose of the hood won't do it for me. Especially here in New England during the winters with the sand and salt.
  7. leonari's Avatar
    Congrats John!

    Where can one buy these plastic tiles for the garage floor? They look amazing!
  8. General C's Avatar
    John, Thanks for hyping me up! I will receive my experience in mid February. My wife says I behaving like one of my grandchildren at Christmas time. So what! its time to enjoy myself and this is a great start. Any advise for a newbie?
  9. Breffni's Avatar
    Great color combination for a stealthy clean mysterious look. Well written receipt.
  10. wayneco's Avatar
    That is almost what I ordered but at the last minute fell back to silver and silver 21s (P85+) telling myself that the gray / gray will look great on the Model X I reserved. I took delivery of our Model S at the Fremont factory last Thirsday and immediately proceeded to drive from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. I realize that I have now owned my car for 8 days!
  11. RandyT's Avatar
    Looks exactly like my car! Great taste!
  12. drlarryg's Avatar
    Waiting for mine - not as tricked out as yours - S60, white, pano roof, tech package, 19" Michelins, upgraded audio. Can't wait!!!!!
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