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  1. [Video] Jay Leno reviews the Model S

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    A little more than a week ago we were teased with the above image (via twitter) showing the Model S in Jay Leno's famous garage with the promise of a video review would soon follow. Today Jay follows through on that promise with the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage. Click through to see the video.

    In the first half of the video, Jay does a walk-around of Elon Musk's black Model S, discussing the design with Tesla Motors Chief Designer, Franz ...
  2. [Video] Model S smokes BMW M5 in drag race

    Automobile Magazine pits the Tesla Model S against the well matched BMW M5 in a drag race.
    Click through to comment or follow the discussion in the forums.
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  3. Car and Driver's In-Depth Video Review of the Model S

    Car and Driver Magazine released a 16 minute video in which editor Csaba Csere does a comprehensive review of the Model S. Car and Driver previously published a brief First Drive Review back in August.
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