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  1. West Texas Road Trip : Amarillo to Austin - 510 miles (and back) with no EVSE

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    I-27 TxDOT rest stop north of Abernathy

    My motives
    Once you drive the Tesla, you really want to do all of your driving in your Tesla. Other cars are just not nearly as fun.

    Thus when I needed from Amarillo to Austin, Texas to pick up my daughters at college, I immediately wanted to drive the Tesla. The problem is that this is a 510 mile drive in a car with a 265 mile range. If there were superchargers along the way, there

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  2. The Rules of Model S Road Tripping

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    On the Road!

    Driving a Tesla is a bit different from driving a gas car, or even most electric cars. On a daily basis, there is no concern about “range anxiety”. Owners expect their car to have a full “tank” every morning, and have enough range to do whatever they want. After a while they never look at the gauge. What the new Tesla owner soon realizes is that they are far more convenient than a gas car.

    Road trips, though, are ...

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  3. Road trip around town in a 60kWh Model S

    My darling wife had the brilliant idea of doing this yarn shop trip. I'd be hard-pressed to drive 75+ miles out of town then turn around, so it seemed like a great way to rack up miles without totally freaking out when the battery indicator goes from green to icky yellowish-green. Her version of what happened is here. Most of what she wrote was about the yarn shops. To me, it was a road trip with low risk. Minneapolis/Saint Paul has dozens of level 2 chargers around, so no matter what, we ...

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  4. Tesla Model S - The #1 "Large Luxury Car" Brand in America

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    Photo Credit: toto_48313 - Tesla Motors Club recently published "Will Tesla Model S Be Americas Best-Selling Plug-in Car in March?" which basically argued that Tesla was on the verge of becoming the best selling plugin in America. For a long time now, this sort of story, which seeks to compare the Model S with cars like the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf, has generated a certain amount of consternation on my part because those ...

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  5. Addressing factors that cause range anxiety

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    My wife and I are extremely happy EV owners. We regularly take road trips in our EVs, and we don’t have range anxiety. We did when we first got the cars - at the time, we didn’t know anybody else that owned one. It didn’t take long for us to get over it, so we are confident that new owners will be fine with practice. But we are afraid that many potential owners are missing out on all of the advantages of driving electric because of this fear. Fortunately, ...

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  6. Elon Musk 2013 TED interview

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    Elon Musk in conversation with TED curator Chris Anderson, recorded February 2013. Click through to watch the video below and be sure to comment.

    Source: TED
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  7. LIVE: Elon Musk speaks in Norway about Tesla's European plans

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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is about to give a talk at the US embassy Tesla store in Norway. We expect he will announce important information about the European launch of the Model S as well as Tesla's European Supercharger plans. The talk begins at 7:30pm CET, 10:30am PST. Watch with us live here and comment below.

    Update: The event is now over, but you can watch a recording of it below. Things get started after the 00:25:30 point. Elon said ...
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