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  1. Going Off Grid - Powering house and cars purely with renewable energy

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    This is my first attempt at a blog and one that will likely stretch over the next 18 months or so as I find my way through this project. During that time I'm going to see if it's possible to not only install solar power but also to get to a point where we can disconnect from the grid completely.


    At our previous house we installed solar PV panels with micro-inverters on a net-zero system. The full story was outlined

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  2. ABC's Nightline asks if Tesla is the Car of the Future.

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    Betty Liu, better known for her role as a host and editor-at-large for Bloomberg Television, spoke with Elon Musk about the Model S and Tesla's fight against the auto dealerships. The segment also includes some comments from Bill Wolters, the president of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, who perhaps comes off as just a tad smarmy.

    Watch the video below and be sure to leave us your comments.
  3. Aug 17th Silicon Valley Tesla Enthusiast Gathering

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    On August 17, I tried my hand at organizing a BBQ and drive event for some TMC members in the Silicon Valley area. Here's my recap of the event.

    The Group Ride

    The ride was too short (in my opinion), but we had a full agenda. I got my first ride in a Model S with the Pano roof open. This was surprisingly nice, as my memory of riding in a car with an open roof was that it was annoyingly noisy and that I had felt a bit ...

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  4. Supercharger Fun - Walnut Creek to Gilroy to Atascadero July 10, 2013

    Our previous travels in Tess were completely unplanned except for always significantly overcharging for our planned miles. This was our second road trip with 60 KWH Tess. Our big "aha" moment is the change in mileage between the Supercharger list under places, and the actual navigation mileage. You should always select "navigate" before setting your plans in place. It appears the places listing for superchargers is as the crow flies, and not the navigation mileage.

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  5. My Tesla Ownership Story I

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    Me & Tess
    Tesla Delivery May 11, 2013

    Tesla was on my radar ever since the introduction of the Roadster in 2008. Honestly, it was its performance, acceleration, and speed that that caught my eye, rather than it being electric and good for the environment. It was, however, only irrationally attainable to consider seriously with my teacher income. When I heard the Model S was on the design track, my hopes for a Tesla raised like the ...

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  6. Teslive 2013

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    Well the clock has (or almost has) reached zero and TESLIVE 2013, TMC's first annual conference, is here. Follow what's going on via the TESLIVE forum section, #teslive on twitter, and watch the General Session which will be streamed here LIVE on Saturday, July 13th at 2pm PDT. Be sure to leave comments below.

    Update: The General Session is now over. But you can see the archived video below!

  7. Extended Power outages and a Tesla

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    Late in June of 2013, my neighborhood experienced a significant power outage from a vicious storm, lasting almost exactly two days for me, and longer for my neighbors. In total, over half a million customers were without power. As much of my neighborhood was buzzing with the sound of chainsaws and diesel generators, I quietly thought about my Tesla Model S, tucked neatly in its garage, away from falling trees and power lines. It had a full ...
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