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  1. Auto Industry Playing Dirty With Hydrogen

    A crash course in self-defence for the environmentally conscious.

    [COLOR=#323333]If you have not yet been exposed to authoritative-looking green marketing for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, you will be.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#323333]Here is a heads-up on some representative samples:

    [COLOR=#021eaa][URL=""]California ...

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  2. The Adventures of the GRAYEV Boat (i.e. a grey Tesla Model S 60) begin...

    Yesterday I went to do a test drive to what will be the most northern Tesla Supercharger in Squamish, BC. Canada when it opens.

    The trip was wonderful. The highway 99 that runs up to it is very windy. It was so much fun. I can't believe how many thumbs up I got while driving up there. Vancouver is a very green city and people are embracing green cars & other initiatives, but its very neat to see that they recognize a Tesla.

    However, I stopped a little sort of the ...
  3. A Comprehensive Review of Leading Tesla FUD Touchpoints

    This is lengthy piece originally published at and republished here by popular request.

    Topics covered:

    FUD artistry and definitions.
    Battery Safety Generally and Specifically in Relation to Tesla
    Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs)
    Battery Supply Constraint Myth
    Giga Factory Implications and Funding
    Realistic Sales/Production Projections
    Environmental Credentials
    GAAP and Non-GAAP
    Disruptive Technology Defined ...

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  4. A single digit Holiday

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    Last year, my wife and I drove her sensible Ford Focus to Lombard, IL for the Thanksgiving holiday, from our home in Plymouth, MN. No matter what, I knew we were returning there in our Model S in 2013. I was pleased to see the Rockford, IL supercharger come online in September, and anxious about something in Wisconsin for the middle, but I knew Livewire could make it. After my summer camping trip to Wildcat Mountain State Park, I had acquainted myself with ...

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  5. A spooky Halloween in Fargo

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    Shortly after my family and I completed our trip to Wildcat Mountain State Park, which was just past the rated range of our 60kWh Model S, I decided that seeing my close friend in Fargo was a realistic 227 mile drive from Plymouth, MN. For those of you who live a safe distance from Fargo, it is a cold and windy place, which makes range a lot harder to judge. After a few false starts for planning recreational activities that did not involve driving, ...

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  6. Cinematechs' Delivery

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    Well, It's been 3 Days since I've taken delivery. I can honestly say that, as excruciating as the wait was, it simply magnified my Tesla experience. The entire process from order to delivery has been excellent. Sure, there were a few bumps in the road that I would probably attest to TM being a fairly new company, but overall, it's been great. My favorite part of the purchase process was (aside from the car) the fact that I didn't have to deal with a typical ...
  7. Elon's Model S Fire Blog: Dazzling Display of Awesome

    04 October 2013

    As a longtime car nut, engineer, and Tesla fanatic, I've come to have the highest admiration for that Elon dude. He does it again here--decimating Tesla fire hysteria with machine gun bursts of awesome, yet via a sonorous symphony of scientific literacy-driven evidence and logic.

    The 30Sep2013 Tesla Fire video, posted 01Oct2013. 2,341,519 views as of 04Oct2013 11:43PM PDT:

    Elon's Model ...

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