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  1. Roadtrip: Sacramento-ish, CA to Seattle, WA - Day One (8/28)

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    About a month ago, Chad Schwitters (fellow TMC forum member/ChadS and President of Plug In America) contacted some of us to see if we would be willing to drive our EVs (EV=electric vehicle) to Seattle for the Beyond Oil Conference on Sept 7th. (I like roadtrips, so Iím always an easy mark.) My company also has an office in Portland, OR & the engineering team had asked me to bring my Roadster to Portland (i.e., begged and whined) so they could see it ...

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  2. The Beginning.

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    I didnít know I was on an EV journey. I was just looking for a fun car. Something that would perform.

    My BMW 540i had been totalled on I80 by a texting teen. I thought Iíd be practical (a lapse in judgment), and I bought a really nice Prius. Serious lapse. The Prius did everything it was supposed to do. And it had the really cool tech package, leather seats, and was a nice slate gray. There really was nothing to complain about. But it didnít ...

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  3. Supercharger unveiling event

    Updated. Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Supercharger tonight near the Tesla design studio in Hawthorne, CA. Showing footage of existing stations already installed secretly in California, Elon briefly described how Tesla plans to role out a nationwide network at various rest stops along interstates throughout the country. [Click through to watch the uncut video.]

    The function of the rather large and phallic looking device which ...
  4. Toyota RAV4 EV - Extended Test Drive

    This blog entry appeared in its original form here.

    I recently cancelled my Model S reservation (with sadness), and began a nearly Quixotic quest to find the EV that's right for me and my family. (You can read more about my cancellation in this thread if you're interested.) As part of this quest I started looking at the available fully EV options out there as well as the Chevy Volt. I'm not considering ...
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  5. A Week With the Model S

    I received my Model S Friday, October 12th. Iíve put about 700 miles on it (400 miles the first weekend), given lots of rides, and taken copious amounts of video. Iím ready to comment on the car itself.

    I rode in the Model S twice last year, several more times a few months ago, and Iíve test-driven it. Now, having owned a Roadster and being fanatical ...
  6. From Fremont to LA, SuperCharging all the way

    So now that Iíve had two nights to sleep, I figured Iíd document my first few days with the car, from factory pickup to the drive back to LA. Here we goÖ.

    [U][B]Factory delivery:
    As some of you may know from my [URL=""][COLOR=#0000cd]previous posts[/COLOR][/URL], Iíve got to take a deja-vu visit to the Tesla Factory ...
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  7. [Video] Jay Leno reviews the Model S

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    A little more than a week ago we were teased with the above image (via twitter) showing the Model S in Jay Leno's famous garage with the promise of a video review would soon follow. Today Jay follows through on that promise with the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage. Click through to see the video.

    In the first half of the video, Jay does a walk-around of Elon Musk's black Model S, discussing the design with Tesla Motors Chief Designer, Franz ...
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