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  1. MikeBur's Avatar
    As a new comer to BEVs, this has a lot of sage advice I intend to use, thank you.

    I liked the additional comments, particularly about range mode as that is counter-intuitive.

    It's likely elsewhere in the forums, though I couldn't easily find any info on the non-SC level 3 DC fast chargers. Is there more advice there, or availability info on the adapter to a Tesla?

    Thanks (again )

  2. MikeBur's Avatar
    Great, well-grounded and reasonable, guide Chad. Truly appreciated by this soon-to-be BEV owner in Sammamish

    Thank you

    Cheers, Mike
  3. xy46's Avatar
    Wow, thank you so much for this great posting. I will be new to the Tesla family when I pick up my P85D in Chicago on 12/29. When I leave there, I am heading to visit family on the Illinois/Iowa border, and then will return home to Grand Rapids, MI. I have been wondering what to expect, and with the awesome knowledge I have gained from your post, I feel very confident about the trip.