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    Unethical business is always going to be a concern, but if you want to learn some of the technological problems of the grid, watch this video by the guys at Tesla. There are some real issues to be dealt with, but it sounds like your power companies are driving the argument towards their solution, only they have more data and you don't know the options they have.
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    I just took delivery of my P85 in red with the beige interior yesterday, Friday Sept 4th. We enjoyed a tour of the factory in Freemont about 100 miles from Sacramento. Four million square feet of robots, workers,car parts and of course some finished Tesla model S examples all waiting for a new home. The factory is literally like a small city, a restaurant, medical facility, outdoor seating areas, you could live quite comfortably there. One die stamp for punching out bodies was five stories high! We rode in a multi car transit vehicle and as entered I whispered to my friend, this is like Disneyland. He whispered back, yea, Tomorrow Land. After the 45 minute tour we were introduced to our new cars, there were about 15 of us, many couples. A technician called my name in the front waiting room and as I turned the corner she was there, shiny, burgundy red and beautiful. She must be a woman, no male could ever look that good. But like a glamour model, I was to find out that she was also a genius, a female Tesla if you will, tucked into her glistening new body. Our ride home was fresh and lively. A minute didn't go by that my son and I noticed something new and inspiring. You know. I'm charging it for the first time as I sit and watch the ball game and feel like my car is being gassed up the 21st Century way. So far I've loved every second of it. Everyone and anyone who's seen it including complete strangers stand in awe as we quietly pass them listening to our favorite music and taking it all in. I'm so excited I just had to post this. Do the tour if you're ever near San Francisco. It's worth the drive!
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    Make that 3 holidays, one for your car LOL
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    Nice color for your car.
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    Great blog post and really cleared up some of the TOU questions I had- and also why it seems (at least here in GA) that residential solar has gotten a little less attractive in the past few years than it used to be.. I think it is because of some of the funny business tezco has described, and also the net metering changes originally mentioned by nwdiver. I'm talking to installers now looking at possibly doing a 10 kw system.. would love to cover the car and the house and net as close to zero as possible... they don't make it as easy as it used to be though.

    Gotta love the corporatism.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doug
    It's nice to see real data. Do we know when Model S deliveries will catch up to the order backlog?
    I ordered my Model S in early June and I pick it up this coming Friday. Red with the beige interior. I got a few bonuses and feel lucky to get one. I'm going from a Land Rover to a Tesla, amazing. I'm tall at 6'6" and was amazed to find all the leg room I needed. The service has been stellar and when they called and said it would be a few days late they offered me a Tesla jacket as a gesture. I can't wait to drive down and pick it, I'm having the electrical installed at home before it arrives. Meanwhile I need to bone up on the system and get a handle on things. I was just getting the hang of the Range. I'll keep it but I doubt I'll use it much, I'll be too busy having a blast with the environmentally friendly Tesla. My footprint is saved just in time.