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  1. dsm363's Avatar
    Great job Doug!
  2. wayneco's Avatar
    That is almost what I ordered but at the last minute fell back to silver and silver 21s (P85+) telling myself that the gray / gray will look great on the Model X I reserved. I took delivery of our Model S at the Fremont factory last Thirsday and immediately proceeded to drive from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. I realize that I have now owned my car for 8 days!
  3. solarchad's Avatar
    Thank you, Julian for the write up. It is nice to have fresh air and NO SMOKE! or Mirrors!
  4. solarchad's Avatar
    NigelM, I have sent you a private message because I was not sure how to navigate this blog. In that message I explain that I build custom high voltage inverters that work at such voltages as Prius, Leaf and Tesla use in their main traction batteries. These inverters can be built in any capacity from 4 kw to 40 kw with 120 and 240 a.c. output at 167 amps a.c.(40KW) and surges to 80 KW! I have been designing and installing high voltage OFF GRID Home and Business Systems since 1982. solarchad
  5. Breffni's Avatar
    Great color combination for a stealthy clean mysterious look. Well written receipt.