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  1. On the Eve of BC2BC 2013

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    On my trip to Blaine, WA for the start of BC2BC, I am pausing for a moment (while the Roadster is charging, and an excellent Burgerville lunch is settling) to reflect on how I find myself here. I first started driving an electric car in March of this year, so I’m still pretty new at this. If I turned around right now and drove home, then I would match the longest previous electric trip that I’ve made. Instead, I am now about 100 miles into what ...
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  2. Model S vs Roadster

    by , 2012-10-14 at 04:11 PM (The Big Gay Car Blog)
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    So, for 10 days I've been driving both the Model S and the Roadster. I thought it was time to maybe talk about the relative merits. This blog appeared in its original form here.

    First, I have to say that either/both are just so far ahead of anything else that there's little competition. I had no hesitation trading in a Mercedes AMG for the model S, mostly because with the roadster around, the only time the Merc was driven was for road trips ...
  3. The Beginning.

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    I didn’t know I was on an EV journey. I was just looking for a fun car. Something that would perform.

    My BMW 540i had been totalled on I80 by a texting teen. I thought I’d be practical (a lapse in judgment), and I bought a really nice Prius. Serious lapse. The Prius did everything it was supposed to do. And it had the really cool tech package, leather seats, and was a nice slate gray. There really was nothing to complain about. But it didn’t ...

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  4. Roadtrip: The Rest of the Story

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    Oh where to start ... Good times in Portland with a bunch of wild and crazy Model S reservation holders. Easy charging. Accommodating hotel. Easy drive from Portland to Tacoma, WA ... blah blah blah. Let's cut to the chase: I'm home in Loomis, my car is cell-less in Seattle. And I should have it back later this week, via the Model S Express.

    Three days in Portland

    I was wondering how the heck I was going to easily charge my car ...

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  5. Roadtrip: Sacramento-ish, CA to Seattle, WA - Day Two (8/29)

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    Total miles driven on Day Two: 323
    Total time start/finish Day Two: (6 hrs driving, 3:35 hrs charging)

    So let's recap. My last blog entry ended in Yreka, CA. When I arrived, I'd blown through a lot of miles. (So here's a tip - when you know you're going to be charging overnight, the phrase 'drive conservatively' seems to disappear. Have fun! Enjoy the electric ride. The battery will be full in the morning.)

    Here was ...

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  6. Roadtrip: Sacramento-ish, CA to Seattle, WA - Day One (8/28)

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    About a month ago, Chad Schwitters (fellow TMC forum member/ChadS and President of Plug In America) contacted some of us to see if we would be willing to drive our EVs (EV=electric vehicle) to Seattle for the Beyond Oil Conference on Sept 7th. (I like roadtrips, so I’m always an easy mark.) My company also has an office in Portland, OR & the engineering team had asked me to bring my Roadster to Portland (i.e., begged and whined) so they could see it ...

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