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  1. Water, water everywhere....and a power update.

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    Continuing the story of our journey to go off-grid that started over here.

    Solar Hot Water

    Our local utility provider is pretty adamant that water heating contributes to approximately 28% of household power usage; that seems a little high to me but I'm guessing that they don't take into account households with electric vehicles. In any case, we got the option to apply for, and were granted, a $1,000 rebate for an additional solar ...

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  2. Going Off Grid - Powering house and cars purely with renewable energy

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    This is my first attempt at a blog and one that will likely stretch over the next 18 months or so as I find my way through this project. During that time I'm going to see if it's possible to not only install solar power but also to get to a point where we can disconnect from the grid completely.


    At our previous house we installed solar PV panels with micro-inverters on a net-zero system. The full story was outlined

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