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  1. Almost completely uneventful long weekend drive

    by , 2013-03-04 at 06:22 PM (The Big Gay Car Blog)
    After all the hoo-hah recently about superchargers, and running out of electrons, I thought I'd post something completely boring about a perfectly successful long weekend trip from San Diego, out and about in Los Angeles, and back.

    My wife Pat, her father Richard, and I left about 11:00 Friday from San Diego, and had a perfectly comfortable drive up to Hawthorne airport. We started with a not-quite-complete range charge, and made it with about 100 miles and one hour to spare. I had ...
  2. Model S First Drive Review

    by , 2012-10-14 at 04:17 PM (The Big Gay Car Blog)

    Well, it's not a FIRST drive, but it's a first DRIVE, if you get my drift. I started this morning in San Diego/Clairemont in the BGC, south on the 5 then east on the 94, which is a nice, windy road up into the hills, usually with not too much traffic. (There is often a photographer on one of the nice curves, and he caught a nice pic of me above.) Left at Campo, then Sunrise Highway (Scenic route S2) through Mount Laguna to Julian. ...

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  3. Model S vs Roadster

    by , 2012-10-14 at 04:11 PM (The Big Gay Car Blog)
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    So, for 10 days I've been driving both the Model S and the Roadster. I thought it was time to maybe talk about the relative merits. This blog appeared in its original form here.

    First, I have to say that either/both are just so far ahead of anything else that there's little competition. I had no hesitation trading in a Mercedes AMG for the model S, mostly because with the roadster around, the only time the Merc was driven was for road trips ...