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    As of 14Jan2014 video can be seen at:

    Tesla Car of the Future - YouTube
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    As of 08Oct2013, the above video link no longer works, however it's available here:

    ABC News Nightline "Tesla: Car of the Future?" (starts at 8:22):

    Great content and Elon quotes, and shows automobile dealers for the "We're Entitled To Money For Doing What You're Already Doing" rent-seekers they are.

    Bill Wolters, the president of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, who perhaps comes off as just a tad smarmy."

    Yes, like Hitler perhaps comes off as just a tad miffed at Jews. Google smarmy and it will auto-fill "Bill Wolters."
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  3. Objective1's Avatar
    Unfocused piece that does a bad job explaining what is great about the car or why Tesla has good odds of surviving.
  4. Mayhemm's Avatar
    Elon Musk is more "American" than most Americans. His belief in democracy and the spirit of innovation, that America claims to represent, is so pure and untainted. I hope his sour experiences with legislators and special interests (like the dealer's association) don't change him.
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  5. richkae's Avatar
    I wish Elon would point out that if the dealers really believe they are superior, they should welcome the competition and try to beat Tesla in the marketplace.
  6. justthateasy's Avatar
    Thanks for posting this.

    My favorite part is when Elon Musk stops at a traditional car dealership and his handlers yank him out of the store. It doesn't get any better than that!
  7. alisongmz's Avatar
    I say Tesla is unstoppable. Ultimately, the people will prevail. The car rocks economically, ecologically, technologically, and philosophically. I am rooting for Elon.
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    Elon Musk: "If you have the support of the people, you will prevail". And that's just the way it is and should be.
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    Thanks so much for posting!
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    thank you many times over for getting us into Teslive with this livestream!
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    You just have to love this guy...
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    Props to Cinergi and Doug for making the livestream work - both Ben and Doug put in a lot of hours on Friday getting it together - a round of applause please
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    You guys should do this every year.
    Thank you for the live stream.
    Very nice.
  14. Alfafoxtrot1's Avatar
    I was able to listen to part of the stream in my MS via bluetooth/iphone. That was too cool!
  15. CalDreamin's Avatar
    Excellent, thank you!
  16. Alpha's Avatar
    That was awesome!
  17. Smallfootprint's Avatar
    Great job to Bonnie as moderator and everyone who coordinated the E-note. Live-stream made me feel like I was there!
  18. wpoveromo's Avatar
    Would be great to ask about a feature to provide the most efficient charging plan for a route based on how much time you can spend at the locations and current range left.
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    Stream quality looks great, thanks!
  20. cinergi's Avatar
    Curious -- How's the stream quality so far?
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