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  1. A single digit Holiday

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    Last year, my wife and I drove her sensible Ford Focus to Lombard, IL for the Thanksgiving holiday, from our home in Plymouth, MN. No matter what, I knew we were returning there in our Model S in 2013. I was pleased to see the Rockford, IL supercharger come online in September, and anxious about something in Wisconsin for the middle, but I knew Livewire could make it. After my summer camping trip to Wildcat Mountain State Park, I had acquainted myself with ...

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  2. A spooky Halloween in Fargo

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    Shortly after my family and I completed our trip to Wildcat Mountain State Park, which was just past the rated range of our 60kWh Model S, I decided that seeing my close friend in Fargo was a realistic 227 mile drive from Plymouth, MN. For those of you who live a safe distance from Fargo, it is a cold and windy place, which makes range a lot harder to judge. After a few false starts for planning recreational activities that did not involve driving, ...

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  3. Two holidays with a Model S

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    This summer, I took two road trips with my Model S. Both were a lot of fun and full of learning experiences.

    Trip 1: North and East
    My wife is an adoring and faithful fan of some Canadian Celtic band called Great Big Sea. We went to their concert in Saint Paul in March, and then, apparently, her big moment as a fan came. My wife works in theater. It's been her life-long dream to meet this band. So, when news of their show in Bayfield, ...

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  4. Extended Power outages and a Tesla

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    Late in June of 2013, my neighborhood experienced a significant power outage from a vicious storm, lasting almost exactly two days for me, and longer for my neighbors. In total, over half a million customers were without power. As much of my neighborhood was buzzing with the sound of chainsaws and diesel generators, I quietly thought about my Tesla Model S, tucked neatly in its garage, away from falling trees and power lines. It had a full ...
  5. Road trip around town in a 60kWh Model S

    My darling wife had the brilliant idea of doing this yarn shop trip. I'd be hard-pressed to drive 75+ miles out of town then turn around, so it seemed like a great way to rack up miles without totally freaking out when the battery indicator goes from green to icky yellowish-green. Her version of what happened is here. Most of what she wrote was about the yarn shops. To me, it was a road trip with low risk. Minneapolis/Saint Paul has dozens of level 2 chargers around, so no matter what, we ...

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