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  1. Consumer Reports' First Drive of the Tesla Model S

    by , 2012-11-13 at 09:08 PM (Featured)

    Consumer Reports borrows a Tesla Model S to do a first drive review. While praising the exhilarating performance, CR suggests that Tesla may have gone a bit too far with features such as the touch screen and the retracting door handles.
  2. CA Grants $10M to Build Model X

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    Tesla Motors has received a vote of confidence from the California Energy Commission in the form of a $10 million dollar grant which is designed to support the production of the Model X. According to Forbes, California government officials in Sacramento praised Tesla Motors for creating manufacturing jobs and advancing automotive innovation.

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    Source: Forbes .
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  3. Tesla Model S Enjoys Major Exposure in the Sunday Times

    Gracing the cover of the Automobile section in last Sunday's New York Times (September 30, 2012), Tesla Motors scored a multipage spread including a glowing review of the Model S as well as an account of a 530 mile roadtrip using Tesla's newly launched Supercharger network.

    The review entitled One Big Step for Tesla, One Giant Step for E.V.'s by Bradley Berman argued that the Tesla Model S is ...
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