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  1. TESLAficionado's Avatar
    I think U.S. and especially California is the place to asemble high-tech EV cars - you need a different skillset to acomplish this job - and the silicon valley has plenty of that kind. Ze germans should by getting slowly nervous by now... ICE has reached its Zenith...the new 3 cylinder engines show that efficiency is only to be reached by removing cylinders.... 3 left....hmmm....
  2. GSP's Avatar
    "CR suggests that Tesla may have gone a bit too far with features such as the touch screen and the retracting door handles."

    They did call the door handles "fussy," which seem like a fair assessment. Firmware updates and the tech package will likely improve this.

    However, I did not hear any negative comments about the touchscreen. They did say that surfing the internet while driving may be going to far however. The touchscreen interface is superb, in my opinion. It could have been quite different, just look at the horrible reviews of BMW iDrive, MyFordTouch, Mercedes, Lexus, Karma, etc. I have read plenty of Model S reviews, and everyone praises the touchscreen. The people who did the user interface did an exceptional job, and should be very proud.

  3. doug's Avatar
    I look forward to their extended report once they get a car.
  4. Lyon's Avatar
    Interesting report. I'm curious about the fact that he commented negatively on the retractible door handles without mentioning that they serve a technical purpose (i.e. lowering the CoD).

    Otherwise it's a good start.
  5. Raffy.Roma's Avatar
    This is good.
  6. Babylonfive's Avatar
    Agree on all those points. He really overdid it on the 'no highway'; he could at least have said ' hard to go over X hundred miles...

    Also, can't help but laugh about how I've botched his name over the years... it's "Chubba Cheddah"?

  7. ElSupreme's Avatar
    Seems really good and fair except for the last minute or so. He doesn't seem to mention that the Audi 7, BMW 6 GC, and the MB CLS all get terrible fuel mileage. And that you will end up spending hundreds a month on fuel. that and no Panamera, which is really what I think the S will compete against, as I see a whole lot more of those than the other three.

    And I wouldn't expect C&D to 'road trip' accept an electric car for some time, even with supercharging. Remember this is the publication of Brock Yates the creator of the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash. They don't do nature breaks, or food breaks. They drive straight through.
  8. doug's Avatar
    Great comprehensive review and nicely shot. Cool that he acknowledges that Tesla can do software updates. Hopefully they'll get some updated Google maps where the orientation of the large screen have the option of direction of travel as up, not just north.

    He says only around town, though, and no mention of the Supercharger network.
  9. Lyon's Avatar
    Great review! I wish that he had discussed the notion that, though the Model S is more expensive initially than it's main competitors, it costs less to run than the big V8s from Germany. Also, when he says that it doesn't work on the freeway it wouldn't have killed him to at least mention the Supercharger network plans.

    All-in-all, it's another glowing review of the Model S.