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  1. Hong Kong Expressway Permits - Changing Government
  2. Pricey Electric Golf Carts in Hong Kong
  3. An unlicensed duck can land a fine 50 times the penalty of a vehicle belching smoke
  4. It is currently illegal to run out of electricity on the expressway
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  18. Just got a call from Tesla HK, no car until End of march 2014...
  19. Apple Daily HK: Tesla駛入中國 KO比亞迪
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  21. Need a Hong Kong citizen to test drive Model S with me from 19th Sep to 22nd Sep 2013
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  23. Financing and insurance in Hong Kong
  24. The Estate Mgmt rejected my application to install a charger on my parking space
  25. A Model S was on fire in US, what do you think of a reason caused?
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  27. "Prices of the Model S will be revealed in a few months." - July 13th, 2013
  28. 7th December: Roadster Rally and The Link x Tesla Technology Drives Event
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  30. Someone in UK said The Signature option has been withdrawn in the UK
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  35. What specs are you planning?
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  38. Hong Kong Pricing
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  40. Rear Facing Child Seats for Hong Kong
  41. Hong Kong Supercharging
  42. HK security option (alarm) and various chargers
  43. Monthly-Paid Parking Space With Charging Points?
  44. EVPower
  45. Tesla model S app not in HK iTunes store
  46. Where Would You Suggest Tesla To Build Their Supercharging Stations In Hong Kong?
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  48. Hong Kong First Registration Tax
  49. Charger quotes
  50. Plug type
  51. Paint protection film
  52. Good users guide link with battery discussion.
  53. FRT budget major event: 26 Feb 2014 11:00 HKT. Countdown from 10:45
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  59. Silent EVs in HK - vs traffic safety
  60. HK: Deposit date - confirmation - Sequence # - expected delivery
  61. Test drove the car today
  62. Service schedule
  63. Charging at your local estate/long term parking - practical and usable solutions?
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  65. Parking in HK
  66. Suggestions For Tesla Model S Firmware Improvement
  67. Is there a list of buildings where people were able to install charging stations?
  68. Charger solution on private car parking space
  69. Anyone tried Recargo charger locator app?
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