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  1. For anyone near Tampa Florida with as Tesla, we need you! (Old 2010)
  2. Florida Tesla Enthusiasts (FTE) club sign-up page
  3. South Florida Planetarium showing "Revenge..." on 3/23/12
  4. Bradenton Charge Points
  5. Tesla in Tampa
  6. Suggested Tesla Supercharger locations in Florida
  7. Disney's current position regarding electric chargers
  8. What will be your first Florida destination requiring charging away from home?
  9. Satellite Radio in Florida
  10. Financial intrigues include Tesla Roadster
  11. Change Florida forum name?
  12. Earth Day / Tampa Bay - April 21st, 2012
  13. Central Florida Earth Day 2012
  14. New Store
  15. Billing issue keeps Venice vehicle charging stations unplugged
  16. Venice, FL - New Charge Stations
  17. Earth Day Gets a Jolt
  18. St Petersburg, FL - Charge Stations
  19. Sarasota, FL - Charging Stations
  20. How do I Calculate a Tax, Tag & Title in Florida?
  21. Model S in Sarasota - April 28th-29th
  22. ICE parking on Charging Station spots ticketable in Florida
  23. Model S comes to the Sarasota Yacht Club
  24. Walgreens Amping Up EV Charging in Orlando, Tampa/St. Pete
  25. EV's at Kennedy Space Center but no charge stations for the public!
  26. Tesla Orlando Store
  27. Like Public Chargers? Tell your Government Reps!
  28. Inaugural SWFL Roadster Rally....
  29. Early birds can see the Dragon launch...
  30. EVSE installer in Davie, FL
  31. Model S at "Saks 5th Avenue" in Sarasota June 2nd-3rd.
  32. So which Florida Signature Reservation holders plan on visiting Fremont this month?
  33. So long Bradenton!
  34. National Plug-In Day in Sarasota
  35. Possible Model S showing in the Orlando Area
  36. South Florida Tesla Related Items
  37. Florida Tesla Club Meet-up Planned for Saturday, July 28th in Dania Beach
  38. National Plug In Day for Florida Cities
  39. Hillsborough County (Tampa) list of charge stations
  40. Model S Viewing at Sak's Fifth Avenue at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  41. John Smith (1946-2012)
  42. Observations from the Florida test drives
  43. Let's Talk FPL Rate Options
  44. Green Police? Cops In Florida Go Undercover In Hybrid, Greener Cars
  45. Florida Power & Light (FPL) would like our assistance
  46. Florida Test Drive Results
  47. Florida Power & Light (FPL) Electric Vehicle Program
  48. A little light and the end of the tunnel?
  49. First Florida Delivery!
  50. Hotels in Florida with Charging Stations
  51. Florida EV Incentives
  52. Florida Turnpike Service Plazas - Charge Stations
  53. ChargePoint America In Ctrl Fla. - Making Electric Transportation a Reality
  54. Tesla brand in Florida
  55. Model S trade-ins in FL
  56. October test drive in Miami
  57. Where are the supercharger dots in Florida?
  58. Photos of Florida Tesla Motor Club Deliveries
  59. Florida owners with panoramic roof do we need the sun shade?
  60. Sarasota Film Premiere of What is the Electric Car?
  61. Tesla Store on Lincoln Road (Miami Beach) finally open - Friday Nov 16
  62. List of Electrical Contractors That Are Friendly to EV Owners
  63. The "Tesla Grin"....
  64. Anyone not getting the PANO roof in Florida
  65. Anyone getting a P and not wanting their spoiler
  66. Larry's Most Excellent Party
  67. Hey florida. Little Help! Birmingham to miami for bcs in my roadster, maybe
  68. Status of Dania Store?
  69. Aerobatic Ride - Florida
  70. Paint Armor in central Florida
  71. South FL Ford Focus EV owner, any Tesla owners care to meet?
  72. Got my Delivery/Finance notice
  73. Looking for FL East Coast Grey Tesla to see color.
  74. 3M coating for entire hood
  75. Singer Island Model S
  76. Spotted a silver sig S on Sanibel Island
  77. EVs won’t impact FL power grid, but could affect specific neighborhoods
  78. Round trip from Miami to Naples in 1 Day?
  79. Anyone transferred your license plate?
  80. Cars & Coffee at duPont Registry in St. Petersburg
  81. Anyone got SunPass working yet? (Florida)
  82. Delivery soon !!!
  83. Got the call tonight with my VIN
  84. Who has a white MSP with dark rims in Orlando?
  85. Informal Club Meet-up following the "Car on 5th" Exotic Car Show in Naples Feb 16th
  86. My 24 hour Tesla
  87. Any interest in German Tampa/St Pete/Sarasota meeting ?
  88. Sarasota Exotic Car Fest - February 22nd - 24th
  89. John Prator's Model S wins award.
  90. Advice for Miami-Orlando trip
  91. Organization looking for Tesla owners to participate in Springtime Tallahassee parade
  92. EV charging at Florida Campgrounds
  93. Confirmed - Tesla to Open Retail Location at Dadeland Mall in May 2013
  94. Any Model S Owners in/near Pinellas County?
  95. Took delivery Friday!
  96. Moving a license plate from another car to my new Model S?
  97. Islands Fest Car Show at Davis Islands, Tampa
  98. Time from Close to Title
  99. Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance March 8-10
  100. Sarasota Cars & Coffee this Saturday, March 2nd from 8:00-10:00AM
  101. Plug or charger for guests?
  102. My 15 minutes with Elon Musk
  103. Elon Musk Keynote at SXSW
  104. Thumbs up from a Maserati owner
  105. Need recommendation for an electrician
  106. Elon Musk at TED 2013, Long Beach, Californa, March, 2013
  107. Tampa/Miami where to charge ?
  108. Any EV events plans for earth day 2013 in Orlando?
  109. Tesla Service Agreements in Florida - possible problem
  110. Black Model s in Orlando?
  111. Lakeland Sun N Fun charging
  112. Multicoat red in Fl
  113. Adventures in charging a Model S in traveling to Key West
  114. KOA Charging & Accommodations
  115. Baptist Health South Florida EV Charging Stations Presentation
  116. Gasless in Miami...?
  117. Got my 95 Express Decal for the Model S
  118. Need recommendation for window tinting
  119. Southeast Florida Clean Cities Coalition Plan for Getting EV Ready
  120. Florida your invited to the The Great Cinco De Mayo Voltage Invasion in Atlanta
  121. Tesla Lincoln Road & Park Avenue Pianos Event 4/29 7-9pm
  122. Dania Beach Service Center is Expanding
  123. T-ball practice
  124. FL owners meet-up in Tampa (SC opening celebration) 4/28
  125. Model S in St Pete
  126. Orlando Support Services
  127. Any Floridians going to TESLIVE?
  128. Need charging station near florida turnpike
  129. Supercharger in Ft. Myers confirmed
  130. Tesla caught on Tesla Dash Cam I75....
  131. I95 Express toll exemption
  132. Anyone taken delivery of a P85+ near West Palm Beach?
  133. Superchargers at Port St Lucie
  134. Test Drives in Tampa June 4-5th
  135. PV in South Florida?
  136. SW FL Tesla Group (Meet-Up June 29th!)
  137. HOV
  138. Orlando suggestions
  139. The number of Plug-In Electric Vehicles in Sarasota County
  140. Miami Science Museum Tomorrow - 6-16-2013 - Big Truck and Fast Car Day
  141. Superchargers at Pavilion at Port Orange (just South of Daytona)
  142. Florida registration, etc.
  143. Florida Service Centers
  144. New Roadster Owner in S. FL!
  145. Florida HPWC Wire Hanger Problem
  146. Service Contracts in Florida
  147. East Coast Meet-up anyone?
  148. Florida: Recommendations for Detailers
  149. National Plug-In Day in Sarasota
  150. Club Meet-Up For The Port St. Lucie Supercharger Ribbon Cutting 7/24
  151. Meetup at upcoming West Palm Beach service center
  152. Meet Up Near Ft. Myers Supercharger - Ribbon Cutting 7/25
  153. 60kW Pre-Supercharger Road Trip
  154. Supercharger in Orlando (Turkey Lake Turnpike Plaza)
  155. Anyone with a White/Tan S85 in the WPB Area???
  156. Florida Vanity plates
  157. What to do at a supercharger
  158. I'm in mourning!
  159. Big deal - I just won a free oil change
  160. Confirmed Supercharger locations in Florida
  161. National Plug In Day 9/28-9/29 (Florida)
  162. Anyone else attending MACNA Labor Day weekend?
  163. TPA -> JAX -> Savannah. Any suggestions?
  164. Tampa Service Center Now a Store/Gallery
  165. Interested in checking out a tesla bradenton-sarasota area
  166. Temple Terrace - National Plug In Day 2013
  167. Recommendation for Auto Body Shops (Florida)
  168. Public Tesla HPWC at Mote Marine in Sarasota, FL
  169. Electricians in Miami-Dade
  170. One Nice Brown Tesla S...First one I've seen this color.
  171. Sweet sight
  172. SFL Delivery of P85+ on 9/17
  173. Sarasota to Miami Beach - roundtrip. How?
  174. Full Paint Correction and Opti Coat Pro on My Black P85
  175. Tampabay Times article on Tesla and Model S
  176. The Breakers Hotel in West Palm Beach, Tesla Ready....
  177. Cruising the strip
  178. Rent-A-Tesla???
  179. Jacksonville SuperCharger
  180. Funny SunPass charge
  181. Protective Coating...The Process on a Silver MS
  182. This Detail Studio is now Tesla Friendly
  183. Jax to Tampa Roundtrip Charging Options
  184. Tampa Bay Area - Delivery this Saturday (Hopefully)
  185. Cars & Couture - Tonight, Friday October 18th
  186. Tesla Nod
  187. Orlando Area Tesla Meet-Up
  188. Have a Great Day.....at AAA !
  189. Ohio to Florida 1000 Mile Trip w/o Supercharger
  190. Test Drive Model S in Naples!
  191. Good Tesla Article in Tampa Tribune
  192. Seminole coconut creek casino
  193. A Flock of Fans
  194. Anyone up for a coffee get together (Paris in Town?) in the WPB area?
  195. Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition
  196. I do not recommend using PCA Auto Tint in Tampa, FL
  197. A beautiful Model S Signature Performance corrected and coated with GTechniq.
  198. Seen at the Miami Beach Car Show this weekend
  199. Boca Raton Store received go ahead tonight
  200. Orlando-Longwood Service Center & Mini-Store
  201. Merritt Island Trip Advice / Recommendations
  202. HPWC, twin chargers and local Florida advice
  203. A Roadster done right.
  204. Curb Rash - Fixes in Florida?
  205. Florida Tesla Owners Chit-Chat
  206. What do you think about this customized MS?..I'm loving it
  207. Believe it or not - a favorable Fox News Tesla story
  208. This is one glossy Silver MS
  209. Orlando Detailer Recommendation
  210. Updated SuperCharger Map....no Tampa or Miami/Ft. Lauderdale?
  211. Village of Pinecrest Authorizes Installation of Level 3 DC Fast Charger in SE Florida
  212. New Model S Owner in Naples
  213. St. Augustine Supercharger - Confirmed
  214. Welcome home Larry
  215. Miami Formula E race
  216. Free Painted Spoiler
  217. Any Tesla owners in the Panhandle?
  218. Tesla's at the Elliott Museum
  219. Orlando/Longwood FL Tesla Service Center visit
  220. 2014 - Sarasota Exotic Car Fest - February 21st to 23rd
  221. Road Trip Advice - Sanford to Key West and Return
  222. Florida Brother Model S owners! Join us - @TeslaRoadTrip 2014 - Presidents Weekend!
  223. Tampa - Sebring - Tampa
  224. SW FL Tesla Group
  225. Anywhere Tallahassee and East in FL can now get to Maine for free
  226. Test Drive Model S at Tesla Orlando!
  227. Folding bikes - Dania Beach manufacturer
  228. Data pull from Florida DMV on # of PEV registered in Florida as of Oct-2013
  229. Tesla's at the Drag Strip at Palm Beach International Raceway, January 26th, all day.
  230. Aftermarket Speaker/Stereo Installers in South Florida?
  231. Group Drive from Dania SC to Boca Grand Opening Thursday?
  232. Visiting Sarasota, for high school reunion - Loaner Model S?
  233. Cars & Coffee at the Tampa Service Center February 16th
  234. Looking for a multi-million $ penthouse in Miami, a Model S & don't want to haggle?
  235. TPA to LAS and and back in my Model S
  236. Shirts with FTE logo on it?
  237. Roland's MS coated and ready to tackle snow and salt at the Tesla meet in Washington
  238. Florida HOV sticker placement?
  239. HPWC in Tallahassee
  240. TMC Connect 2014: @TeslaRoadTrip to California - Planning
  241. Teslas wanted for Springtime Tallahassee parade
  242. Gainesville area added to SuperCharger roadmap
  243. Tampa Supercharger
  244. Cars & Coffee at Dania Beach
  245. Ideal range mode
  246. Deb & Dan's big adventure(trip to Palm Springs Fl from Peterborough NH)
  247. Charging a Supercharger for the First Time - Question
  248. Trip to Florida Keys
  249. Trying Ft. Lauderdale-Sarasota and back on Saturday
  250. Ron Jon Resort Charging Options