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  1. Socal GreenSPEED first Sunday meeting
  2. Motor4Toys.com
  3. So Cal's SuperCar Sunday Returns!
  4. SoCalGreenSpeed
  5. Harris Ranch (CA Hwy 5) charge spot unveiling
  6. Carpool stickers (California)
  7. SoCalGreenSpeed San Diego Drive
  8. Big increase in PG&E E-9 rates (N. Cal.)
  9. Tesla Fashion Island Grand Opening Weekend (2011-11-18)
  10. Los Angeles get together
  11. Any Sacramento-area forum members?
  12. Santa Barbara for Earth Day
  13. Southern California SoCalGreenSpeed.com
  14. New Memeber In Long Beach, California looking for a ride in a Roadster.
  15. Show your Tesla at Hybrid2Hotrods San Jose, May 12
  16. Electric Odyssey - 2 Frenchmen going around the world in a production EV
  17. Quality San Diego Electrician
  18. California EV access in I-10 and 110 toll lanes
  19. Helping California's EV Future - Your input counts! Senator Corbett
  20. July 28, 2012 cruise!
  21. anyone going to second saturday meetup tomorrow morning (saturday 6/9/12)?
  22. Socal Test Drive, June 15th to 17th
  23. California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project
  24. California should have EV license plates - letter writing campaign
  25. Understanding SDG&E rates
  26. Charge Up at the Tallman Hotel
  27. San Diego Meetup / Touch a Truck Fund Raiser Event
  28. San Jose Clean Air Vehicle Parking Program
  29. Electricity Rates for So Cal Edison (not good)
  30. Rally 4 Charities Charity Car Rally Orange County Sept 8th, 2012
  31. Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura: Alternative Fuel Car Show
  32. California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers
  33. San Joaquin Valley - $3k Rebate from Air Pollution Control District
  34. EVent: Silicon Valley EAA Rally seeks EVs/pih @De Anza College 9/23/2012
  35. event Palo Alto, Sept. 16, 2012 -- owner wanted to show off
  36. You can come see my S on Sunday at 2:30 in Solana Beach if you want
  37. Free Charging Station for CA Businesses w/ >50 employees
  38. Space shuttle Endeavour fly over Friday morning (9/21/12)
  39. San Diego Meet-up 9/23/12
  40. Thunder Hill - Oct 8, 2012 - Teslas welcome
  41. California's 10,000th EV!
  42. Planned trips around California
  43. San Francisco 49 mile scenic drive
  44. San Diego LEAF meet invites Tesla drivers, Nov 17, Santa Ysabel
  45. Clean Air is just a breath away -Please Join Us -Fight For Air Walk -November 3, 2012
  46. Bay Area Distances
  47. RANT: Permits for Nema 14-50 in San Jose, CA no greater than $350....
  48. Any Condo owners have any tips for getting plugs installed in their garages?
  49. Anyone in SF Bay Area with MSP want to do "scientific" testing versus M5?
  50. Topanga Plaza Grand Opening
  51. Southern California Club?
  52. January Get Together in So Cal?
  53. Trusted Model S after market installer in SF Bay Area
  54. Attack on Willow Springs Event (FREE driving clinic, lunch, and raffle prizes)
  55. CA Clean Air (HOV) Stickers at/after delivery?
  56. SoCal RAV4 meetup
  57. Anyone get their ca rebate application yet?
  58. Charging to and back from Vegas?
  59. Trip to Bay Area
  60. Locations which might cause TPMS problems - Roadster
  61. CA planning to offer license plates with solid black/blue/yellow background
  62. Driving from SF to LA
  63. los angeles, grey model s on cahuenga round 6p new year's eve
  64. Autocross In Southern California Questions
  65. I'm in Cali ...
  66. Have the 2013 sales tax rates come into effect?
  67. PG&E Rates??? For California owners
  68. Hotels near San Luis Obispo w/ charging
  69. Heading to Santa Cruz Monday Jan 13
  70. Bay Area electricians to install HPWC
  71. San Diego EV TV spot, Sunday, Feb 3 or Feb 17
  72. Anybody gone Bay Area to Tahoe yet?
  73. Sacramento-area Model S Owners - help needed for Jan 25
  74. Hotel recommedations for California?
  75. Any blue Model S owners in the Sacramento area?
  76. TeslaLAClub (SoCalGreenSpeed) event
  77. Electrician recommendations for SF Bay Area
  78. Bay Area Solar Installation Recommendations?
  79. Driving from Tejon Ranch to Indian Wells
  80. Ventura County HPWC Electrician
  81. Tesla factory to LA in a 40kWh? Any thoughts or ideas?
  82. Tesla Roadsters for Los Angeles photoshoot
  83. Charging costs in SoCal with Solar????
  84. SMOG Certification - One more thing I no longer have to worry about
  85. California Vacation Rentals with EV Charging
  86. Recent California Deliveries--How long for plates?
  87. A "scary" trip from Davis CA to Los Angeles...
  88. Karma/Model S joint drive in LA
  89. SCE Rates Too High
  90. PSA: Please be kind to bicylists!
  91. Santana Row spot
  92. SF and Marin Wash & Detailing
  93. Any Model S owners in Palos Verdes or the South Bay?
  94. New Service Center In San Rafael, CA
  95. Electric Auto Assn. mtg. this Saturday - any other EAA members on this board going?
  96. Model S Owners Needed in Socal
  97. List of 70A or 80A publicly accessible charging stations in California
  98. Charging cable removed repeatedly at SFO
  99. Charging in Monterey, CA
  100. Spring Break suggestions from the Bay Area?
  101. Need recommendation for an XPEL installer in the SF Bay Area
  102. Is charging available at Tesla Santa Monica?
  103. Borrowing your Tesla Model S in San Francisco on the 21st?
  104. Wait 2-4 weeks for SolarCity installation or go with EMS now?
  105. How is this spring break itinerary?
  106. Plan B? Charging between Barstow and Las Vegas
  107. San Diego to Santa Barbara Spring Break Roadtrip...
  108. Menlo Service Center Will Be Closing / Dividing Into Two
  109. Spring Break Travel Journal: NorCal->Disneyland->Palm Springs->NorCal
  110. San Luis Obispo Get Together
  111. San Diego EV Meet, Sat, April 20, 2013 @ 8:30am
  112. Need hotel near UCLA with EV charger
  113. Any San Diego Tesla owners help with School Term project?
  114. PG&E E-9A vs E-6 for Model S owners with Solar
  115. Looking For Charging Locations In FRESNO Next Week 4/10 & 4/11
  116. You can't really appreciate "Tesla Time" until you get out of the Bay Area.
  117. Tinting?
  118. Already 3,000 Tesla Model S cars delivered in California (june 2012 - March 2013).
  119. Menlo Park or Santana Row - Best Clothing Selection?
  120. Fisker Karma owners planning meetup by Tesla Santana Row showroom
  121. Front licence plate fix it ticket in ca
  122. San Diego to Mammoth-can it be done?
  123. LAX Airport EV Parking
  124. Sacramento - Need Help w Sizing
  125. San Diego Tesla Club First Meeting 4/21/13
  126. Anybody with 2013 multi-coat red in LA?
  127. I found an excellent body armor installer in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
  128. Hack: get your license plate early for HOV registration
  129. New SCE Rates for TOU-D-TEV effective April 1, 2013???
  130. Bay Area Recommendation - Powder Coat Wheels
  131. Barstow to Harris Ranch Direct
  132. Model S w/ 22" Asanti's
  133. Clear coat scratch--need recommendation for a repair in the bay area
  134. Orange County (CA) Tesla Group?
  135. California: Wash/Detail Recommendation in the Bay Area
  136. Next San Diego EV Meet, Sat, June 8, 2013 @ 8:30am
  137. Silver Model S at Slaters 50/50 in Anaheim?
  138. Changing CA use tax policy - worth pursuing?
  139. CA - East Bay Tint Recommendation
  140. How much sales tax has to be paid for a Tesla Model S (with 60 kWh, and no options)?
  141. Any interest in a Valencia / Santa Clarita Tesla Club?
  142. San Diego Tesla Club Second Meeting 5/21/13 at 7:15 PM (meet and greet at 6:30 PM)
  143. Want to Rent Model S for 10 days, West Coast of USA
  144. Model S Needed for Display
  145. San Diego Tint Recommendations?
  146. Sacramento Area/Davis: Chris Howell's "What is J1772 ?"
  147. New Oakland Bay Bridge Opening Drive
  148. Need Roadster for photo; north San Diego county
  149. SM to DTLA Commute via CP Lane
  150. Local Bay Area car stereo installer
  151. San Diego: Recommendations for electricians to install 240V outlet in condo garage?
  152. Attorney referral needed, Automotive related. Northern California
  153. Sacramento: Be my Driver for my wedding night !?! 250$
  154. San Jose Area Hotels with Chargers
  155. Good paint armor installer in Los Angeles?
  156. Assembly OKs clean vehicle carpool-lane access to 2020; Senate next
  157. Tesla Model S was Third Best Selling Luxury Vehicle in California for 1Q 2013
  158. Memorial Day travelers?
  159. Good carwash facilities in Silicon Valley?
  160. San Diego to Tejon Ranch Supercharger??
  161. Reus Audio Upgrade - SF Bay Area Group Buy
  162. Menlo Park Cars and Coffee 6/2/13
  163. Thunderhill Raceway wants a Supercharger
  164. Non-destructive install/installer for front license plate in LA area?
  165. Next TeslaClubLA meet Sunday, June 2nd
  166. First OC Tesla Meet June 2nd 10 am
  167. Feedback: Menlo Park Coffee and Cars 6/2/13
  168. Northern California MPGe?
  169. PG&E E-9B Bill
  170. Link to Photos from San Diego Tesla Club tint comparison meeting 6/9/13
  171. Tips? Need to tint windows in Silicon Valley
  172. San jose 4th of july -- rose, white, & blue parade
  173. The Next San Diego EVent, Sunday July 7, 2013, 4pm-8pm, San Juan Capistrano
  174. Is there a Los Angeles (Westside) club?
  175. Business Opportunity for Model S rental by week or month?
  176. Next OC Tesla Meet - July 7th, 4 - 8 pm to support the BC2BC EV Rally
  177. Second meter installation
  178. Accommodations with charging in Sonoma/Calistoga?
  179. Has anyone done or does anyone want to do Window Tint in Orange County?
  180. SoCal Rally Run 2013
  181. TeslaClubLA June 20th pre-event meet
  182. So what's available for sale at the Fremont store?
  183. Recent Harris Ranch SC report?
  184. Strategy for South Bay to LA? (newbie owner on first day with car)
  185. Tesla Model S Rental in San Diego in August for our wedding
  186. Anyone lose their Model S J1772 adapter at Oceanside Transit Center?
  187. San Diego folks, where do you charge?
  188. How busy are the Folsom superchargers?
  189. Anyone using San Diego TOU rates, single meter, without solar?
  190. How many of 2,650 Tesla Model S's were delivered to customers in California in 2012?
  191. Highway 101 (CA) Superchargers are now Open!!!
  192. Day trip plan, San Diego to Magic Mountain
  193. California: Interesting Model S Roadtrips using Superchargers
  194. Charging Options near Markleeville, CA
  195. Will the 10,000th registration of a Tesla Model S in California be in 2013 or 2014?
  196. Napa to Tahoe City and back
  197. Next OC Tesla Meet - Sun Aug 11th 11 am
  198. Blink and Chargepoint in SoCal?
  199. Paint correction + opti coat 2.0 -- SF Peninsula
  200. Highway 1 range?
  201. 775 mile California Road Trip - 5 Superchargers
  202. Electrician in north-west Los Angeles
  203. Maiden Voyage: North Bay to Stanford Inn in Mendocino. GREAT TRIP! Beautiful roads.
  204. Taking the Model S on a track
  205. Looking for a good tint shop in the SF area
  206. San Diego Tesla Club Meeting Tuesday 7/23/13 at 6 PM
  207. Orange County: where to go for a photoshoot? (.... with the car)
  208. SCE - Dedicated Meter and Separate NEMA 14-50 Outlet Cost
  209. Burlingame Tesla Store and Service Center
  210. Any Geeks/Nerds Going to Comic Con?
  211. Need tips on Carlsbad motels with charging capability
  212. South Bay Owners' Group
  213. Great First Service Center experience - San Rafael CA (Marin County)
  214. Any news/rumors of SoCal supercharger?
  215. Tire rotation at Tesla service
  216. How can I test drive the BMW i3? Any 'owner' willing to give me a spin for Model S?
  217. Contacts: Most Wanted List
  218. Next San Diego EVent: Sat, Aug 24, 11a-2pm BBQ @ My House
  219. San Jose to Las Vegas Supercharger Trip on a 60kw Model S
  220. Bay-area Model S owners willing to work with a company on suspension upgrades?
  221. Calistoga ranch
  222. California: Solar with PG&E smart meter
  223. Aftermarket Car Cover?
  224. 1-800- gas-road !!! Wtf
  225. Can you go from Bay Area to Lake Tahoe in one charge (P85)?
  226. Schedule EV rate plan now available from PG&E
  227. Menlo Park Coffee&Cars 8/4/13
  228. San Diego Owners : Ride to Julian for Breakfast - Saturday August 3rd
  229. Tinting @ Silicon Valley Auto Glass & Window
  230. Can someone loan me a roadster to model s adapter?
  231. Someone leave their J1772 adapter at LAX?
  232. PBS looking to interview Tesla owners in SF
  233. Up coming TeslaClubLA events
  234. Aug 17th Silicon Valley Tesla Enthusiast Group Ride and BBQ party
  235. Rental Model S out/in SFO?
  236. National Plug in Day
  237. Next Los Angeles / OC meet - Saturday, August 17th
  238. Professional paint protection
  239. Opti-coat installer in Sonoma County
  240. Supercharger in Fremont Now Open
  241. Pebble beach test drive
  242. Good electrician for South Bay Los Angeles/Torrance?
  243. Want to show your Tesla in a documentary?
  244. The Perfect California Personalized License Plate, "SILNT" for a Tesla Owner?
  245. San Diego to Fresno-best way to do it?
  246. Tejon Ranch Reduced Power
  247. Napa/Tahoe City/ Graeagle Road Trip
  248. Just picked up my car this morning - First w/ Park Distance Control delivered in SD
  249. Folsom Supercharger to Harris Ranch Supercharger - Will I make it?
  250. New Tesla Owner in Hawthorne