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  1. T-Roadster, bound to be interesting track car.
  2. Comparison with ICE vehicles
  3. 0-60 in 3.9s
  4. Tesla Roadster the fastest "production" car in the world ....
  5. First Drive: New Transmission
  6. Roadster Official Range
  7. Roadster - Sport eddition
  8. 3.moderated
  9. The Quarter Mile
  10. M'iles P'er G'uess
  11. Autobloggreen on "Roadster not a track car"
  12. Whoa! 244 not 221.
  13. Tesla drifting
  14. Roadster -vs- Elise SC
  15. Adjusting the adjustable suspension
  16. Brake Pads
  17. Tesla Grand Prix
  18. Looking for Tesla Owners in Tampa Bay Florida
  19. SRRSCCA autocross results 8-14-10
  20. SRRSCCA Autocross results 8-22-10
  21. SRRSCCA autocross results
  22. Tesla racing seats
  23. Road trips - feed back please.
  24. Mountain or lowlands?
  25. On the Race Track
  26. 0-30 MPH time?
  27. Roadster at 173 km/h on ice
  28. Peak Output Show Off
  29. Roadster Very Easy To Drive
  30. new and has a few questions!
  31. Daily commute result
  32. Sticking to the road when going over uneven pavement
  33. raceVIEW Mirrors do not fit the Roadster.
  34. Is there a NEMA charging map for the East Coast? Planning a trip NYC to Philadelphia.
  35. Hard top VS Soft top
  36. Sport model vs non-sport performance?
  37. Time for Performance mode to warm up?
  38. 10,000 miles in 7 months- who loves ya baby...
  39. Adjusting the suspension for twisty mountain roads?
  40. "...may void your warranty"
  41. Packwood National Autocross July 16 and 17 2011
  42. Comparing Sport and Base
  43. Drag Race -- Linde Open, Sweden
  44. enough range to make it home for the first time?
  45. Performance special for the Dutch TESLA Drivers
  46. Reducing the rotational inertia to maximize efficiency
  47. Tesla Roadster at EVCCON - autocross and 1/4 mile champ.
  48. Eberhard wins against ICE's in the rain
  49. Autocross and range
  50. The fun of itÖ Iíve had my Tesla Roadster for 15,000 miles and almost one year.
  51. Dartmouth College, This Saturday Afternoon, Tesla Road Rally! Hanover New Hampshire!
  52. Who do you race with in SoCal?
  53. Cold Weather Range
  54. Potential battery pack upgrade for Roadster using Model S cells
  55. [Brake performance] Standard brakes on Roadster 2.5
  56. Acceleration: Winter vs. Summer Tires.
  57. range questions
  58. How much does Performance mode affect battery life/range?
  59. Lesson Learned: Keep your Brake Rotors Conditioned!
  60. This never happened to me before
  61. Highest milage on a Roadster?
  62. World's quickest Tesla
  63. Driving shoes for autocross / lapping
  64. Considering upgrade to adjustable suspension - need your input
  65. Evccon 2013
  66. Re-gearing? trade top speed for acceleration
  67. LA to Vegas in a roadster
  68. Performance question: 1.5/2.0/2.5
  69. Roadster rear under trays
  70. Should I drive or tow my car to an Autocross / SOLO event?
  71. Roadster HP and Torque numbers
  72. Buying a used tesla
  73. Losing maximum power in Roadster Sport - due to battery aging?
  74. Performance test - who in LA is available for a sprint?
  75. Ceramic wheel Bearings anyone?