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  1. Tesla Roadster Intro at Santa Monica Airport (Jalopnik.com)
  2. Lotus to Build Tesla roadster (http://business.edp24.co.uk)
  3. Worries over Lithion-ion Battery (technologyreview.com)
  4. First 100 Roadsters Sold (cnet.com)
  5. Tesla Roadster: Driven at Pebble Beach (Siliconvalley.com)
  6. Signature 100 Event pix
  7. Pics from Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
  8. Signature 100 Event pix 2
  9. Tesla Appears on Big Guys' Map (2006 news item)
  10. LA Auto Show-Dec. 1 to Dec. 10
  11. BBC In Business Podcast
  12. Tesla Makes it to Front Page of www.yahoo.com
  13. Tesla Test Drive in Winding Road Magazine
  14. California EV Makers Speak Out
  15. Popular Mechanics' Breakthrough Award
  16. Today Show - Hit the Road with this Electric Car
  17. SPY PHOTOS: Tesla Roadster and Lotus Esprit
  18. Tesla in Automobile Magazine
  19. Proton Facing Business Failure
  20. Tesla Motors Receives Environmental Leadership Award
  21. Plenty Magazine
  22. Christian Science Monitor: Rise of the Boutique Carmaker
  23. How Stuff Works article
  24. Tesla wins Car domain People's Choice Award
  25. San Francisco Auto Show November 18-26, 2006
  26. Tesla video on Current TV
  27. 2007 Sold Out!
  28. Tesla Roadster on MSN
  29. Yahoo Autos - The Eclectic Electric Supercar
  30. Autocar - orange Roadster
  31. Tesla begins accepting pre-orders for 2008 year model.
  32. Sedan tidbits (leftlanenews)
  33. It's Electric!
  34. Edmunds .com article on Roadster
  35. The dead-sexy Tesla delivers on its promise
  36. Checking Out the Tesla Electric Roadster
  37. White Star: Made in Michigan?
  38. C/NET: Tesla Puts Tech in Economy Cars
  39. Crazy ice testing in Sweden
  40. Proton (and Lotus) to be sold to VW
  41. Tesla Site comments
  42. Signature 100 Event Test Ride Video
  43. MOVED: Chronicling Tesla's history
  44. "White Star" will be built in New Mexico
  45. White Star Plant
  46. PG&E Looks to Wind-Power Electric Cars
  47. Martin Interview
  48. ME Ad Pic
  49. The Register Disses Tesla!
  50. Forbes article
  51. TTAC Throws FUD at Tesla!
  52. VP Revealed
  53. Meaty writing
  54. Bad news from Tesla: Original range target won't be met!
  55. Another magazine cover
  56. Tesla on cable TV
  57. Tesla in Chicago
  58. VP4 -- Arctic White
  59. Video from NYC
  60. Eberhard's testimony in front of senate subcommittee
  61. rumor: whitestar to be designed by henrik Fisker(DB9, Z8)
  62. $45m in additional funding
  63. Tesla Roadster featured on Nightline
  64. The Roadster shoukd go faster wiith a 5% lighter wallet
  65. Tesla supplying Think's batteries
  66. a video
  67. Condoleezza Rice takes a spin in the Roadster
  68. Article on www.topgear.com about the tesla roadster
  69. EV World reports: alternative fuel racing
  70. Roadster Showings
  71. More Woes for Proton (and Lotus)
  72. Some new pics
  73. Danny's Contentment
  74. Roadster showing at Palo Alto / Stanford Concours
  75. Tesla Roadster on Jay Leno's "Green Garage" site
  76. Seattle Times endorses Tesla and plug-in hybrids
  77. Tesla meets the Fetish
  78. Jay Leno Loves EVs
  79. Rollout of the Roadster
  80. Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance Aug. 16-19
  81. Eberhard out as CEO (San Jose Mercury News)
  82. The Tesla Roadster 200 miles road trip
  83. Tesla gets an "index" design award.
  84. Roadster at Palo Alto EV Rally
  85. Inhabitat declares the Roadster "sexiest sports car"
  86. CBS News Sunday
  87. Toyota and EDF Developing Charging Stations
  88. Bob Lutz on Autoline Detroit
  89. Road and Track mention
  90. Politics and Tesla
  91. Tesla in "The 11th hour"
  92. Backlash
  93. "Listen Up, there's an electric buzz in the air"
  94. "Batteries" on the History Channel tonight
  95. Altairnano and Phoenix on display
  96. Electric drag racing in San Diego
  97. WSJ article on Tesla Motors
  98. Martin says it's tuff to build a car
  99. First (non owner) driver Review (short)
  100. Drive the New Porschius
  101. Plant in NM might expand
  102. ...previous electric cars are "pieces of crap"
  103. VP10 Test Rides, Founders' Series
  104. Newsweek: An Electric Dream
  105. Tesla at SEMA
  106. Tesla in DC Today
  107. Less News is Bad News for Tesla
  108. The Future is bright with Tesla
  109. Software Executive Shifts Gears to Electric Cars
  110. Tesla puts up its dukes (?)
  111. Electric Car Maker Aims For the Top With Sports Car
  112. Hollywood Goes Green
  113. Separating the Vaporous from the Real in Electric Cars
  114. The Valley's Electric Car Industry
  115. Tesla at the LA Auto Show
  116. Mercedes + Tesla ?
  117. Israel to Back Electric Car Plan
  118. Dan Neil: An auto industry falls short of green
  119. Taking a Whack at Making a Car
  120. Tesla Roadster: an electric car with a diesel generator
  121. Photos from El Lay
  122. War of the Currents: Tesla Wins, Finally
  123. Tesla Roadster Spotted in Santa Monica
  124. Tesla Roadster Birth Watch
  125. will.i.am and the Tesla Roadster (DUB Magazine)
  126. Questions asked at the L.A. Auto Show
  127. Hottest Products of 2007: Tesla Roadster
  128. Entrepreneur of the Year: Elon Musk
  129. Owners
  130. Magazine test drives coming soon
  131. Martin Eberhard no Longer Part of Tesla Motors
  132. Is Tesla going to copy the GM Volt?
  133. Tesla Customer Town Hall Meeting
  134. Town Hall Questions
  135. News: Tesla Store Being Built in Los Angeles
  136. My Town Hall Notes
  137. Slate: Are EVs really any better for the environment than gas-guzzling cars?
  138. Audio for Town Hall Now Available
  139. Tesla Merchandise
  140. David Vespremi No Longer with Tesla Motors
  141. Wired Autopia car of the year : Tesla Roadster
  142. Tesla on GreenerMachine
  143. Tesla Roadster #9 on Wired's 2007 Vaporware Awards
  144. Tesla Blogs: The Song Remains the Same (Elon Musk)
  145. Volt false advertising?
  146. MSN Video Highlights
  147. Transmission troubles expensive for Tesla
  148. Lotus for Sale?
  149. News from TH!NK
  150. More people let go by Tesla Motors
  151. Martin's Blog is Live - Teslafounders.com
  152. San Jose Mercury News Article
  153. Roadster at CES Blaupunkt booth
  154. Tesla wins a "Crunchie" award
  155. The "team" is now half what it used to be
  156. 3.9 - it's official!
  157. Whipnotic: Tesla Conspiring to Prove EVs Not Viable?
  158. Roadster #1 on its way plus more
  159. Edmunds: March 17 Production Details / Owner's Message Compilation
  160. Autoweek review
  161. AutoblogGreen First Drive
  162. Air Bag Waiver Granted
  163. Town Hall Meeting
  164. Selling the Roadster
  165. Customer Town Hall Meeting II Information
  166. P1 delivered today
  167. P1 arrival gathering photos
  168. Paine filimg P1 arrival for possible WKTEC sequel
  169. Ze'ev interview
  170. CNET: No Airbags For You!
  171. Stanford Magazine article
  172. The Slick Magazines
  173. Tesla Twitter
  174. Edmunds review
  175. The future cost of electric cars vs ICE cars
  176. Car and Driver review
  177. News.com Interview with Elon
  178. Jalopnik: ValleyWag: FT: Tesla to raise $250m for electric cars (Whitestar)
  179. Green Tech media Article: Tesla to Big Three: Let's Be Friends
  180. Tesla reveals 5 year CALENDER life for battery pack!
  181. USA Today, Plug-in Hybrids Pollute More
  182. Wired: Tesla Gets $40M, Says We'll See Sedan This Year
  183. Elon Musk Writes About Living With P1
  184. Darryl Siry steals Mythbusters name
  185. Mythbusters Part 2: The Tesla Roadster is not a Converted Lotus Elise
  186. Tesla in USA Today
  187. Praise for Tesla Motors's PR
  188. Spokesman interviews
  189. Ess bites it good
  190. Series Production starts today!?
  191. Auto X Prize
  192. Tesla To Sell In Europe
  193. It's gray (with a dash of orange)!
  194. Ze'ev Comments to Cal Air Resources Board
  195. CARB to weaken ZEV?
  196. Laptop Battery Shortage
  197. Carolyn won't be too happy about this
  198. TTAC: “It depends what you call production”
  199. UIUC Alumni newsletter ("Resonance"), M. Eberhard/Tesla Motors
  200. LA Times story on EVs
  201. 5 hot and fast green cars
  202. Exporting (including Tesla battery news)
  203. Whitestar body designed by Fisker? Tesla shifts battery production to US.
  204. LA Times links CARB to Big Auto
  205. Rumor: Was the Karma originally Fisker's design for the Whitestar?
  206. Tesla sues Fisker
  207. Transmission supplier sues Tesla
  208. Some delivery info from Siry in TTAC article
  209. Daimler Battery Tech Breakthrough??
  210. Nova "Car of the Future"
  211. PHEV Emission Comparison
  212. Yuri's night
  213. Photos of P4, VP12, and other Monaco happenings ..
  214. LA store opening party videos
  215. Yahoo!Green: Roadster rolls out
  216. Seems Martins car is finished now
  217. Electric car gold rush of 2010
  218. Motor Trend: Tesla & Volt
  219. TTAC gets pissed!
  220. SF Green event
  221. TTAC: Tesla Born! Birth Watch Over! (begins Death Watch)
  222. ABG: Tesla sends out a new production update to customers
  223. Daily Mail - VP12 in the UK
  224. Robert Farago Wants his Tesla Roadster
  225. What excites you most?
  226. Roadster to be at 2008 British auto show.
  227. ABG: French journalist tests the Tesla
  228. MythBusters: Electric -vs- Gas
  229. Powertrain 1.5 Update!
  230. CNBC coverage
  231. Glacier Blue Roadster at coffee shop
  232. Tesla Roadster IN Norway
  233. KQED QUEST: Who Will Revive the Electric Car?
  234. WSJ: High petrol prices will benefit auto industry
  235. Tesla announces PR partner
  236. P2/VIN#3 on the road
  237. DS on Treehugger Radio
  238. Plug-in conference
  239. Toyota Seeks the Ultimate Battery
  240. Reckless Prediction # 372
  241. Crap journalism
  242. Tesla at 24 Heures du Mans
  243. P4 has been delivered
  244. Martin's crashed Roadster?!?
  245. Banned from the Owner's Forum
  246. Roadster to be at Salon Prive in London
  247. TCS Daily - Elon Musk: From Paypal to Outerspace
  248. Tesla seeks another $100 million
  249. UK Sunday Times
  250. Orrin Hatch - Plug-In Electric Vehicles 2008