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  1. Of hub motors and dual motors
  2. Inboard disk brakes?
  3. Radical tire & wheel technology
  4. Electric Cars and Photovoltaic Solar Cells
  5. Hard usage & reliability
  6. Plastic motors
  7. Toyota Carbon Fiber Spaceframe
  8. software announcement
  9. Look! EV journalist does math! (or at least a little research)
  10. OhmExcited's CO2 study
  11. Veneered bodywork?
  12. REREs
  13. Recharging on the go
  14. e-motor sensing
  15. DC v AC EV system ?
  16. DIY Charging Networks
  17. Lotus Engineering
  18. Hub motors revisited
  19. Gm, Toyota Doubt Hydrogen, Betting On Electrics
  20. Compare to the Volt
  21. Lightweighting
  22. Utilities and EVs
  23. Electric engine vs ICE engine consumption
  24. LED headlamps
  25. Graphical motor tutorial
  26. Thermal thoughts
  27. Dyson drivetrain?
  28. Clutch adds third of a second
  29. Towable Generators
  30. Dynolicious performance meter
  31. Portland chargers going in
  32. Solar1 Inverter
  33. ESC vs TCS
  34. Nanosolar
  35. New Inverter Tech from Nissan
  36. Electric Motor choices - rethinking AC induction motors
  37. Another gearbox discussion
  38. EV load on the grid
  39. Water powered car
  40. Charging physics confusion
  41. Range Extenders
  42. REEV concerns
  43. Fast charging
  44. PML and Hi-Pa rescued?
  45. Wheel Skirts
  46. Adaptive Cruise Control
  47. SAT NAV GPS Satelite Navigation Systems
  48. TEG to power electric cars
  49. The problem with EV range figures
  50. New multi-speed Electric Vehicle transmission improves EV performance and range
  51. NEMA14-50: How much current can you pull?
  52. The GFCI topic
  53. Lightning strikes while charging
  54. How much does it cost to run EV vs. gas?
  55. Charging with the MC120
  56. Wrap your car in a golf ball for more efficiency
  57. Fast charging from 120V
  58. PG&E E-9 vs E-6 vs E-1 tariffs
  59. Nissan's iPhone app
  60. Which domestic supply at your home?
  61. Training EV technicians.
  62. Unique Charging Stations
  63. Battery Management Systems
  64. Auto Eject Plug
  65. CMU Making EV s Super Effieient
  66. Charging car battery on the move with wind power
  67. The electrical motor itself
  68. cruise control
  69. Increasing E-motor RPM
  70. New tech extends li-on battery life
  71. YASA motors
  72. All about the Roadster battery (ESS)
  73. Electric Vehicle Range Calculator?
  74. Solar Charging an EV
  75. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based electric car management systems
  76. IPhone app for electric cars in the Netherlands
  77. Charge While Driving -El Assist
  78. EV Charger and Connector Photos
  79. EV Charging at gas station in Belgium
  80. Inductive roadway charging
  81. J1772 Adapter Box, Plugs and Inlets
  82. Solid-state (Thin Film) Batteries
  83. BMW Looks to Replace Copper Wire With Aluminum in Its EVs
  84. The Accenture Report on EV pilots
  85. Nature based composites
  86. Tesla Pilot Signal Details
  87. How Computer Hackers Could Gain Remote Vehicle Access
  88. effect of lowered center of mass
  89. regen/charging efficiency
  90. charging options going from Switzerland to Sweden
  91. Are you interested in a Mennekes to Tesla charging cable?
  92. how do the cables work technically?
  93. The Forgotten EV Charging Infrastructure
  94. SIEMENS - New charger controller for electric vehicle charging points
  95. Focus Group EU/ CH Charging Upgrade for Teslarodsters (all Versions)
  96. Converter 400V 3x16A > 240V 40A
  97. Electric cars with transmissions
  98. Infrastructure for multiple electric vehicles at home
  99. inexpensive charger 10kW for $200, 25kW for $600
  100. Electric Vehicle Technology
  101. Car battery in a bottle
  102. Charge Point Testers
  103. 50A Charging current with UMC?
  104. Extended warranty
  105. Performance starting from cold
  106. semiconductor laser headlights
  107. A powertrain in a hybrid car with electricity and compressed-air propulsions
  108. Every Company is a Software Company
  109. Convergentpower.com
  110. Parts availability questions...
  111. iEV app
  112. Flanders Drive : Electric drivetrain developpers
  113. Big Screens in cars -- seen on the streets
  114. Wireless Power Pitched as Replacement for EV Batteries
  115. Battery Managment system
  116. A day made of glass
  117. Wind speed meter?
  118. Mitsubishi copies Tesla
  119. Seeking Pack Size VS. Degradation and Cost Analysis/Info
  120. Hitachi develops efficient motor without rare earth magnets
  121. EV's need a "Trim Tab"
  122. Service Tesla Roadster v. mitshubishi / nissan leaf
  123. Regen Control
  124. LEAF Guess o Meter GOM comparison to Tesla
  125. ArcelorMittal announces new electrical steel products for EV motors
  126. What is
  127. Motor wear and tear - during Get Amped circuit
  128. CVTs for Electric Vehicles
  129. Gas mileage is measured in square meters.
  130. Steer by wire
  131. Dual/Multi Plug Charing?
  132. A stroll through Tesla Motors patents
  133. free piston linear alternator engines
  134. Run Flat Tires
  135. DIY Swap of Hybrid battery
  136. Ton - Miles / kwH Metric
  137. Hello, new to the forum, quick coolant question.
  138. How does the Model S motor work?
  139. At what voltage does the Model S motor work ?
  140. Hypermiling Technique in an EV
  141. Gasoline heater for Winter driving?
  142. charge conditioner ?
  143. Electromagnetically Blocked?
  144. Model S 17" Touch Screen Computer
  145. Need more range? Slap a generator to the back of your VOLT?
  146. Data tracking for past 5 months and question.
  147. Breakthrough in EV motor technology
  148. Boosting an ICE using the Model S?
  149. 4WD can simulate 2-speed transmission, maybe?
  150. A handful of questions....
  151. EV Energy Usage while towing
  152. Tesla Model S UMC cut open and modified to J1772
  153. Tech Talk - J1772 / OpenEVSE - May 17 @ 7PM - UC Davis (Sacramento)
  154. Question about buying pre owned
  155. Are the SCs actually able to be self-reliant?
  156. Off-grid solar charging
  157. Does the Tesla Battery is liquid cooled? Beside swapping why not use Uhaul trailer
  158. Tesla Roadster to Model S converted to J1772
  159. Augmented reality in TESLA: Display, HUD, "Google Glass" like HMI...
  160. The TESLA Motors Battery Pack Kit
  161. Mobile battery pack swapping?
  162. Regenerative Shock Absorbers for EVs
  163. A sneaky suspicion
  164. How to make a 30 amp J1772 extension cord for public charging
  165. Class 8 trucks going down mountains with full battery
  166. Service contract
  167. Aftermarket modified motors?
  168. ver:. 5.0 How and when can i get
  169. Parking my Model S for the winter; any tips
  170. App development for Tesla cars
  171. Fire Extinguisher for EV fire?
  172. Got a Flat, Here's a "how to"
  173. car compatibility with dual-plug EVSE
  174. Wiper inefficiencies - intermittent or low speed better
  175. Tips for EV newcommers about Range and how to plan Roadtrips
  176. Loud high pitch whine only when NOT accelerating
  177. Startup cuts lithium-ion costs and improves energy density
  178. Tire Pressure Monitor
  179. 110 vs 240 charging
  180. New patent on Geofencing for cars
  181. Heating option for the Frunk!
  182. Consistent performance over MS battery SOC? Possibly a performance boost
  183. How does motor and regen efficiency scale with power?
  184. Consistent regen performance with load dump resistor - idea
  185. Tesla Model S with Distronic Plus (Adaptaive Cruise Control) like Mercedes.
  186. Tesla Model S wiring diagram (for alarm and range extender)
  187. Range prediction website
  188. alternators
  189. Cold Weather Fuel Efficiency : Electric Versus Gasoline
  190. Contactors and their rated voltage.... Can the battery V's be higher than Contactor?
  191. Wheel hub measurement for wheel clearance
  192. Gigacapacitor?
  193. Would it be worth it
  194. Looking for Knowledgable People on PV Inverters and Battery Augmented PV Systems
  195. Nissan Leaf Quick Charge vs. L2 Charge Study
  196. New style dashboard
  197. All new cars sold in U.S. will have a standard rearview camera by 2018
  198. Supercapacitor News
  199. Calculating 0-60 mph time for an electric vehicle
  200. Why don't other car manufacturers use Panasonic high cap batteries?
  201. where is best tire shop in paso robles, ca
  202. mr musk i found the solution about how to heat the cabin
  203. Tesla Explores/Optimizes Pedestrian Impact Performance - Webinar 6/10/2014
  204. Cusom LCD screen
  205. Watching movies at the SuperCharger.
  206. Can I cool my garage with the Model S AC?
  207. Fool Cells and Toyota or Kia promotion of them as competition to Tesla
  208. torque vectoring according to Mitsubishi
  209. Lithium-ion batteries and recycling
  210. Power Inverter Choice
  211. Battery pack balancing techniques
  212. How can I adjust mileage? OBD-II port has no signal?
  213. Tesla Model S power inverter
  214. Does 3G work in Malta? (and how can I change the SIM card/APN settings in the car)
  215. J1772: Please explain the "signal" charging stations place in their current feeds...
  216. Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Repair--Opportunity or Obstacle?
  217. Code/Plan Check Correction Problem
  218. What happens to E-Brake during power failure?
  219. IHS Tesla Model S Teardown - Videos
  220. Theft prevention
  221. Air Bags
  222. Tesla Model S - Miles/Gallon equivalent calculation?
  223. Don't get carried away about auto driving capabilities (Google Cars)
  224. Melted EVSE Disconnect Switch
  225. How about a Waze like system for energy useage on segments of road?
  226. Health effects
  227. "Solid State" Thermoelectric AC
  228. "Best potential" room for improvement
  229. Magnitude of drag and weight's effect to range
  230. [Tech] Notes on the Li-ion Battery Monitoring and Protection Chip, TI BQ76PL536A
  231. Reliability Challenges (from the source)
  232. Can a Model-S Charge from a backup battery directly?
  233. Efficiency of Geared vs. Single Speed transmission.
  234. How does a Supercharger work?
  235. Buying a used second charger.
  236. What ever happened to V2G tech?
  237. How much re-gen could tires generate?
  238. Charger, how does it know?
  239. weight of 85kwh of electrons, a somewhat non-sensical question
  240. 4,000 amp motor controller
  241. Exploring the Model S CAN Bus
  242. HPWC Hacking
  243. Multi-gear EVs are probably the future
  244. Tesla cell-level fuse bondwire material?
  245. Cold Weather Impact on EV range
  246. Downhill regen limiting -- capacity, temperature, etc.
  247. [Tech] Motor Inductance, Resistance and Maximum RPM: Estimated vs Actual
  248. One motor per wheel: pros/cons
  249. fuse blown
  250. Electric motor wear and tear