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  1. Southern California Edison and Electric Vehicles
  2. Tower of Power
  3. Dr. Robert Bussard and IEC fusion reactors
  4. Global Warming: Fact or Mass Hysteria?
  5. Alternative Energy Companies
  6. More on IEC Fusion Reactors
  7. Energy activists snipe at rivals
  8. Vehicle to Grid - V2G
  9. Global Warning Debunked Yet Again
  10. Fluorescent Lights
  11. We Are Children of the Tropics
  12. Elon Musk at FiRe Conference
  13. Bring Back the Double Nickel??
  14. Global Warming Consensus?
  15. Iceland's Hydrogen Power
  16. Coal fueled vehicles? This is progress?
  17. Tofu Biodiesel?
  18. US Navy restarts nuclear fusion research?
  19. How much electricity to produce gasoline?
  20. Peak Oil
  21. Dr. Robert Bussard, 1928-2007
  22. Book Reviews
  23. Oil Prices and the return of Coal
  24. Clean Air Vehicle stickers
  25. Jay Leno installs 54kW PV on his garage
  26. Renewables in jepardy
  27. Climate facts to warm to
  28. Ruling on California's plan to regulate auto emissions
  29. Speculation on Oil Price Fall
  30. Bush wanted HIGHER Cafe??
  31. Clean Power Finance
  32. Traditional light bulb phase out
  33. Blue Energy
  34. Corn-free ethanol?
  35. Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
  36. Coal plants
  37. Corn ethanol backlash
  38. Trees -vs- Solar Panels
  39. Vaclav Klaus: From Climate Alarmism to Climate Realism
  40. IBD Editorials on GW
  41. Four Better Options Than Drilling in Alaska
  42. Peak Lithium again
  43. Musk: Solar Will Kick Coal's Ass
  44. Planet Green TV channel launching June 3rd
  45. flywheels to balance the grid
  46. The Economist - The Future of Energy
  47. Li-ion batteries on power grid
  48. U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects - NYTimes
  49. How China’s thirst for oil can save the planet
  50. Andy Grove's "Our Electric Future"
  51. Andy, Intel CEO and Gore Speech
  52. Solar's Giant leap
  53. Solar Street Lamps
  54. Solar Jiffy POP
  55. Solar happenings
  56. NYT - Google and General Electric Team Up on Energy Initiatives
  57. Better streetlights to free up grid
  58. BBC unfair in global warming show?
  59. Feed-in Tarrif Laws
  60. WInd and Solar Tax Breaks
  61. Woolsey on Tesla, VCs and national security
  62. EU bans incandescents
  63. Cuba discovers 20bn barrels of oil?
  64. Frontline: Heat
  65. Another gas tanker crashes and burns
  66. Green tech suddenly passé ?!
  67. Ahnold to Detroit: "get off your butt"
  68. LED Lighting & Energy Efficiency
  69. Obama's new energy & environment cabinet members
  70. underground coal gasification
  71. Energy Moonshot
  72. Animated Anthropomorphic Anthracite
  73. Hi-tech sleeping policemen that use the pressure of passing cars to create power
  74. Green Light for World's Second Largest Wind Farm
  75. Solar Carport
  76. Review of solutions to energy problems
  77. the environmental movement and the role of government
  78. Getting renewable power to the people
  79. Fusion
  80. US #1 for Wind
  81. The Dead Energies
  82. NOVA - The Big Energy Gamble
  83. New administration takes action on the environment
  84. Wind News
  85. "Bees are on the what now?"
  86. The greening of America
  87. EVs in India
  88. EMF Radiation
  89. Self-tinting windows
  90. hydrogen production
  91. AAA vs Better World
  92. Military Going Green
  93. Daylight Saving Wastes Energy
  94. Berkeley Green Burg
  95. fossilfreeby33.org Santa Barbara report
  96. Efficient Lighting 56% better than CFL
  97. The "Smart Grid"
  98. What's your strongest point against hydrogen?
  99. Oil companies and alternative energy
  100. Ovshinsky Interview
  101. Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
  102. Green car parts
  103. The Price of Gasoline vs Electricity
  104. CO2 Emissions: EV vs Diesel
  105. I'm tired of the Hydrogen Hype, lets do something about it.
  106. UK Government gives go-ahead to new 'clean' coal plants
  107. Electricity from Sound
  108. KVAR Energy Optimizer
  109. Linear alternators
  110. CARB news
  111. California EV Incentive Bills
  112. Set up your Community Ifrastructure for EVs
  113. UK Government: Low Carbon Industrial Strategy
  114. Obama call for more Ms per G
  115. America's Energy Future - Miller Center Debate
  116. PBS Documentary: "Road to the Future"
  117. Solar Energy Investment
  118. Texas EV incentive bill?
  119. Article in The Atlantic
  120. Chromasun Solar powered roof A/C
  121. Solar City EV charging page
  122. Climate Change 101 for Spooks
  123. Green Bank
  124. Electricity Prices
  125. Energy Storage Home -Industrial Batteries
  126. One Gallon Challenge
  127. energy storage via underground compressed air
  128. coal EV -vs- petrol car
  129. "Direct carbon" fuel cells
  130. Payback required for green projects
  131. GHG vs NOx in cow poop power
  132. France put 1.5 Billion into EVs
  133. Apple quits U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  134. Wireless power transmission test video
  135. missing from the clean energy bill
  136. Micro Bubble Technologies Unveils M-Fuel and CNT-Battery to the Public
  137. Houston, We Have a Problem ...oil
  138. Massive Oil Spill can be seen from space
  139. The Atlantic - The California Experiment
  140. Sen. Kerry Grills AEI's Ken Green Over Climate Bill (Video)
  141. Hacked emails from Climate Research Unit
  142. Powering a house with bicycles - BBC program
  143. This Week In Energy podcast
  144. BBC - "Hot Planet"
  145. New York Times bends the facts
  146. Torque without Back EMF - Steorn launching new motor technology called E-Orbo.
  147. EV calculator
  148. Suggestion for an EV Mileage Designation
  149. Air pollution data from my local area
  150. Bloom Energy
  151. National Geographic World Without Oil
  152. Home CHP fuel cells
  153. Solar Roadways - Working prototype and pictures!
  154. Round up of global renewables investment
  155. Stanford Seminar
  156. 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  157. Cape Wind - The first offshore wind farm gets approval
  158. Solar "pump" charging station
  159. Solaranda
  160. nPower PEG
  161. how green are you?
  162. Ricardo and LMS launch Wind Energy Center in North America
  163. Gasland The Dark side of Natural Gas
  164. Energy use per capita by country
  165. Lithium from Afghanistan
  166. Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors
  167. Coal-fired Power Was the Big Loser in the Economic Downturn‏
  168. Sparks fly over electric car funding
  169. Death Too The Gasoline Station!
  170. Solar Charging an EV
  171. 4.7 million new places to charge by 2015
  172. Research claims battery-electric cars are greener than expected
  173. Osmotic power
  174. Friedman on China, Coda Automotive, batteries, Shai Agassi, & gas taxes.
  175. Nano Solar Cell absord 10 time more....
  176. CCS - Carbon Capture and Storage
  177. WP - Utilities thrilled and worried
  178. Supercaps match Nickel Metal Hydride?
  179. More anti-ev gibberish
  180. Ontario's new problem: too much power
  181. Solar PV without Rare Earths
  182. Air Hybrids
  183. The true cost of Coal revealed
  184. Story on Aluminum
  185. Transphorm - Gallium Nitride Power Converters
  186. Super-thin Superconducting Cables
  187. Chevron fined $8bn over Amazon 'contamination'
  188. Environmentalists and Electric Vehicles
  189. How much C02 to priduce electricity?
  190. Wind energy Canada increased almost 10fold in the last 6 years
  191. Intelligence^2 Debate: Clean Energy Can Drive Economic Recovery
  192. Use of electricity in TEPCOs service area -- before and after the disaster
  193. Solar Panel Questions...
  194. 1st major US tar sands mine
  195. New Scientist - "Wind and Wave farms could affect Earth's energy balance."
  196. Nozzle Rage
  197. Residential Solar System - PV to EV
  198. Smart Transformers
  199. Coal cares
  200. How do we get off foreign oil?
  201. A sustainable transportation presentation
  202. Government and Alternative Energy
  203. Bush is the Father of Electric Vehicle
  204. Emissons mean 2,220 deaths and 18B per year
  205. The Electric 100
  206. Regenedyne Maglev Wind Turbine
  207. Hydrocarbons, Industrial Metals and the Alternative Energy Fallacy
  208. Efficient Living
  209. Nissan works on recharging Leaf with solar power (and more!)
  210. V2B Vehicle to Building
  211. Coal Loses to Natural Gas
  212. Local Renewable vs Grid Renewable
  213. Carbon Footprint of attending the Model S Factory tour
  214. Solar power without solar cells
  215. 13-Year-Old Makes A Solar Breakthrough With Fibonacci Sequence
  216. Ammonia - the smell of the future
  217. Highway wind turbines to capture energy from passing vehicles
  218. Microbial reverse-electrodialysis electrolysis cell (MREC)
  219. 2012 i-MiEV & Volt MPGe
  220. 'Power-Highways' push Siemens, ABB (follow-up on Siemens' nuclear exit)
  221. Will Split-Cycle Engine Compete With EV Powertrains?
  222. Zero-Carbon ICE fuel
  223. The Open PV Project
  224. Geothermal Power Plants Could Help Produce Lithium for Electric Cars
  225. Will.i.am - Take Our Planet Back (video)
  226. Maldives: 100 months to eliminate the carbon
  227. EU ponders recycling rules for electric car batteries
  228. Batteries to Power the Grid
  229. The Most Energy Efficient States In The Nation
  230. Cold fusion returns?
  231. Beacon Power goes bankrupt
  232. Consumers storing Grid Power
  233. H.R. 3308 - Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act
  234. planned obsolescence
  235. Utility Rates for EVs
  236. Geothermal A/C and Heat
  237. Statoil Imaging Innovation
  238. Fuel prices world-wide
  239. Nissan's V2H plans
  240. New approach to determining human impact on climate gives same answer
  241. Innovation: A Sodium-Ion Battery
  242. This is beyond alarming. Methane vents appearing in the Arctic water near Siberia.
  243. EU fuel economy numbers proven worthless
  244. New Lithium Ion batteries offer 10x capacity
  245. Small Town, Big Oil: The Heart of a Boom
  246. Musk : Model S battery cost less than half the cost per kilowatt hour of Roadster
  247. PEF : the green PET (alternative for oil based plastics and fuel)
  248. On-Bill Financing for Energy Efficiency
  249. Petroleum Prices Set Records in 2011
  250. EPA Map: Greenhouse Gas - Large Emitters