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  1. Model S Reservation Tally
  2. Amber rear turn signals?
  3. World Map of Model S Reservation Holders
  4. Decoding Tesla Model S VINs
  5. Latest "Finalize your order" date
  6. At what price would you sell your Sig
  7. Model S Delivery Update
  8. Financing options
  9. Model S - Canadian pricing
  10. Advice on Finalizing Your Order
  11. Anyone configured with standard suspension or a 40 kwh battery?
  12. Let the test drives begin
  13. More than 1,000 U.S. Signatures (confirmed)
  14. Deferring my order until forum members start to take delivery of their Sig's
  15. 401k and Tax Rebate Discussion
  16. Spy Photo: How Tesla is Reducing the Cost of Model S Delivery
  17. Bundling options?
  18. Helping people find or sell a reservation for a model S or X
  19. Well, I'm back in the queue!
  20. Model S Ambassadors
  21. A Real MVPA
  22. Night Shift?!?
  23. Building the Model S really is rocket science...
  24. Deferral is Moronic
  25. Model S Delivery Issues and Communication Concerns
  26. Gray "Performance" Wheels are available to those who don't order a Performance Model
  27. Test drive insurance waiver - am I missing something?
  28. Trade-in experience (AutoNation, CarMax, Private Party, etc.)
  29. Franz's father receives his Model S...
  30. Verify your "MY TESLA, PROFILE" information is correct
  31. Production Rate (incl manufacturing waves)
  32. Is anyone actually buying the 40 kWh Model S at this point?
  33. Resale value for Tesla Model S
  34. So, What exactly is the value of a Signature Model S?
  35. Performance Plus Upgrade?
  36. Canadian Sigs sold out?
  37. Delivery inspection list?
  38. Model S Deposit Payment Options
  39. Supercharging and 60 kWh Model S Orders - Message from George B
  40. Question for anybody who has actually bought their Model S
  41. Timing questions after getting "Time to Build" email
  42. Guesses on Last Production # to be Delivered in 2012?
  43. Poll: For P/R reservations, which battery/motor did you finalize ?
  44. Finalize with a Chance to See all 10 Colors
  45. ElSupreme's decision
  46. Desired options unavailable?
  47. How accurate is the delivery timeframe???
  48. When did they switch to model year 2013?
  49. Reservation Transfer Ability
  50. Okay, so there is one really poor person buying a model S.
  51. How many days before delivery do you receive title and registration documents?
  52. Model S Canadian Deliveries
  53. How many variants of the S are there (AKA Batching)
  54. How many general production cars before first Signature Model S for Europe?
  55. My test drive is today - Help!
  56. I'm a Production, and here's my story (Sublimaze1 - P188)
  57. Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing
  58. The Battle for the distinction....Last Sig to be delivered
  59. Approximate General Production Model S Canadian Timeline
  60. Tesla is communicating better.
  61. Fremont Factory Delivery
  62. 2012 cars required to have air suspension
  63. Is Tesla stalling homologation/deliveries to foreign markets to get more cash faster?
  64. Huge THANK YOU to existing owner
  65. New European Model S information / rumors
  66. Any US R (Roadster Family and Friends) folks out there with 60 kWh or 40 kWh configs?
  67. Delivery and tax implications
  68. Can't decide between Model S or Audi S6
  69. Hurricane Sandy: delivery impacts?
  70. Christmas Delivery anyone?
  71. 60 kWh Model Production Delayed
  72. Reservation # vs VIN Disconnect
  73. How are spouses dealing with the wait?
  74. Anyone hear when the handling package will be available?
  75. supercharger or not.. becomes a 60kWh vs 40 question in my head
  76. Delivery by Train
  77. Order to Delivery Timeline, with a focus on California
  78. Early Adopters - Let's Help Tesla and Each Other. Let's have group delivery parties!
  79. Model S production process
  80. Email to finalize but "no" red.
  81. What to expect once the car is in production?
  82. Virtual Delivery Specialist?
  83. Dream about waiting for a Model S
  84. 2012 Year End Delivery & Tax Credit Issues
  85. After MVPA is signed, when do you get delivery date estimate?
  86. Post Delivery - Owner's Responsibilities
  87. Finger poised over the "Finalize" Button!
  88. Total Delivery Experience Poll
  89. Subjective Question: Minimum Annual Salary to Buy Perf 85kWh w/options
  90. Poor Man's Model S
  91. Air suspension - need vs. wish? Premium sound
  92. 3 questions: res # / delivery / reservation trade
  93. What is the timeframe and scheduling for everything!?
  94. The Wait for the R
  95. Delivery Events
  96. New Flurry of P delivery dates: are all these 85KWh models only? 8 (
  97. tesla delivery makes front page of reddit :-)
  98. The "other" Tesla grin!
  99. Delivery if I order MS # 2 ??
  100. 60KWH roll-in - B5 theory: they won't do it til after Jan1
  101. Underwhelming and disappointing experience so far with my reservation
  102. Delayed Sigs - what could Tesla do to make it up to you?
  103. I'm actually hoping for a 2013!
  104. Performance vs non-performance 85Kw
  105. Delivery with Body Damage
  106. European Sigs - why not allow all options?
  107. At which point did you start looking around for financing and contacting banks?
  108. Tesla production update on delayed options (40kWh, 60kWh, standard suspension, red)
  109. Live stream of a factory delivery
  110. Registering your car in PA
  111. Model S financing - less than perfect credit
  112. Production Stages
  113. Happy with the way Tesla has handled my request for a color change from blue to red
  114. Model S December Production email
  115. 24 Hours of Driving Electric - Apparently, we weren't ready!
  116. Delivery Celebration
  117. Does Tesla Register The Car For You?
  118. An apology to Tesla for having criticized them about my requested color change
  119. My Daily Obsession...Delivery Window...12/7-12/21...15 days...ahhhhh!!!!
  120. Winter package
  121. Looks like Tesla has approved my desired post "Finalize" change from blue to red
  122. Anyone with a finalized multi-coat red have a delivery window?
  123. Trade-In Partnership
  124. European Timeline
  125. First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?
  126. NADA Guide
  127. Anyone taking delivery in Fremont towards the end of December?
  128. EStimated pickup window?
  129. "Finalize" concerns
  130. Delivery at store or service center?
  131. So when do pick service plan etc.?
  132. When will the number of Model S on the road exceed Roadsters?
  133. A little disappointed
  134. For those that have their cars, how does the whole delivery process work?
  135. Who has waited the longest?
  136. How crazy am I? Anyone else bought the car without seeing it?
  137. Trip Down Memory Lane - 3 years and 11 Steps to Bliss!
  138. It's the beginning of the December 15th delivery windows!
  139. Can Someone Provide George Blankenship's Email
  140. Quick question on the front plate
  141. Extended Service, Battery Replacement? What are your thoughts?
  142. How much charge did your car have when delivered?
  143. How to finance with PenFed quickly without going insane
  144. Final Payment before Delivery!
  145. Trade In $$ for your Roadster?
  146. How to make sense of VINs?
  147. So realistically, if I put a deposit today, when am I looking at an S in my driveway?
  148. Not Going to Make 2012?
  149. New ViNs lately?
  150. MVPA after finalizing?
  151. Paint scratches at delivery
  152. MVPA - preliminary vs final
  153. January Delivery Window
  154. Status symbols?
  155. Got my S!!!
  156. The Not So Merry Christmas
  157. Opting for December delivery changes model year?
  158. How many Tesla stores have you visited, and how many times?
  159. Finalize or not?
  160. Jump the line with air option even if late in sequence?
  161. Anyone considered waiting and buying used?
  162. Factory pickup details
  163. What's the last 2012 VIN?
  164. Todd Burch's Delivery (S)tory
  165. Right-Hand Drive, why such a wait?
  166. POLL: 85kWh December Email Delivery
  167. Frustrated with delivery and UPS logistics.
  168. Last VIN for 2012
  169. New "Fiscal Cliff" bill seems to keep EV tax credit
  170. Time from pre-delivery MVPA to receiving Delivery window
  171. TMC Model S Statistics for 2012
  172. Tesla Model S demand by population
  173. First Official Delivery Window For New Red...
  174. Performance Wheels due bill
  175. VIN to Delivery time - Estimated vs. Actual
  176. Delivery Tracking
  177. "Personal" Delivery
  178. How to finance 100%
  179. When do you make the "second" down payment? pre-MVPA? final-MVPA?
  180. Odometer mileage upon delivery
  181. Hypothetical 60kWh Performance Option
  182. S embedded browser portal
  183. My Model S is stuck on the car carrier!! - Resolved
  184. Purchase Agreement
  185. Tesla Delivery Fail, what should I do now?
  186. My Garage status changed
  187. Tod's Delivery Story
  188. EU finalize and deliveries
  189. The Carrier Dented My Car
  190. September reservation, January configuration, ??????? delivery?
  191. Where to sell you old car now that you are getting an S
  192. ordering 21" wheels outside of design studio
  193. A sad tale of how not to sell cars (???)...
  194. Last "Early December Delivery" to be delivered?
  195. First multi-coat Red confirmation or delivery - who will it be?
  196. Should We Tip the Delivery Driver?
  197. Purposely Delayed Delivery
  198. Factory delivery hours of operation
  199. HOA, Solar City, and a Red Delivery Button
  200. 60 kWh vs 85 kWh packs
  201. Is it impossible to add any options after finalizing?!?
  202. How Long is Too Long to Wait?
  203. Foreign content of 60kwh and 40kwh cars
  204. Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing
  205. Tesla Wheel and Hub Sales Model - Can it be made to work?
  206. 2 week delivery window, but no VIN
  207. Due Bill
  208. I had to call to get my "Deliver" button
  209. Can you delay your delivery after finalizing your order?
  210. 40kwh ordering
  211. Concerned about weak demand
  212. Value Analysis Spreadsheet for those debating 40kWh, 60kWh, 85kWh
  213. Home delivery versus Service Center
  214. The Nothing Due List?
  215. Low frequency sound/air pressure sensation
  216. Center storage, cup holders and floor mats
  217. Saving and Rolling with a Tesla Sedan
  218. Can I pay for some of my Model S with a credit card?
  219. Transferring Previous Plates When Registering Model S?
  220. Model S paperwork
  221. Future 60kWh and 40kWh owners, how long have you waited?
  222. How long does it take Tesla to build a Model S?
  223. VIN and model years
  224. Has anybody gotten a delivery window for Standard Suspension?
  225. CF Spoilers being delivered now?
  226. S vs. Ford Production
  227. How accurate are the delivery date windows?
  228. Price delta between least $ config you'd be happy w' and your $-no-object config?
  229. Factory delivery, register in another state
  230. having 2nd thought on model s bc of issues..
  231. Had a vivid dream that my car was ready.
  232. Anyone got their delivery time frame missed?
  233. Canada financing/ lease options?
  234. Got the name of my Delivery Specialist today, even with delivery months away
  235. California and Federal rebates - if I buy 2 EV, is it twice as much ?
  236. Paint armor now being factory applied regularly
  237. 2012 pricing 21 inch wheels
  238. Factory idea: Photos of the building of each car
  239. My car pickup is in three hours!
  240. Tracking Vehicle at Factory through Delivery with New Mobile App?
  241. Tesla Owner's Delivery Story, Factory Tour, and First Impressions
  242. Model S concerns--Need advice
  243. tesla msrp pricing..
  244. I could have gotten a $48k discount on my Model S!!!
  245. Roof Choice: Advice and Opinions Requested
  246. Is it Love ... actually? :)
  247. Central Indiana delivery -- lots of grey with grey photos
  248. Performance or Not? That is the question.
  249. Going to the factory for a pick up?
  250. Deadline to finalize 2012 pricing and MVPA