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  1. Performance/Sport option
  2. Aero wheels
  3. Model S regen
  4. Model S motor
  5. Air Suspension
  6. Performance vs. S acceleration
  7. Accident/flat tires and placement of the car jack
  8. Will the Model S/X have a spare tire & if not, how is that ok?
  9. Vehicle Energy Use Simulator (Estimating Impacts of Weather, Roads, Tires, Cargo)
  10. Top Speed. Governed or maxed out?
  11. Would you buy 19 inch turbine wheels?
  12. Is 4.4 seconds vs 5.6 seconds alone worth $10k?
  13. 19" vs 21" Wheels Pros and Cons
  14. Hill Hold Function
  15. Tire Rotation - Brakes etc
  16. Winter Driving Experiences
  17. LRR Tires.... 337 or 357 miles?
  18. Speed Control Suggestions
  19. Will snow tires or at least a recomendation be made by Tesla?
  20. Are the 21" Wheels stopping your Performance upgrade?
  21. Wheel Bolt Pattern?
  22. The beauty is also beneath the skin
  23. Is an AWD Model S Necessary?
  24. Model S creep
  25. Performance 21" wheels in snow
  26. Driving vs. protecting - keeping your sanity
  27. Model S Performance vs BMW M5
  28. Is 21" Wheel Upgrade Worth It?
  29. Which tires (really) come on the 21"s?
  30. Horn sound
  31. Perf vs. standard 85kwh power bands?
  32. The affects of stop and go traffic on range
  33. Staggered Wheels on my Model S
  34. The high-pitched whine during acceleration...
  35. Model S Traction Control
  36. Tire Life 19 vs 21
  37. Performance vs. Non-Performance & an extra $10K
  38. Winter wheels/tires packages for Model S
  39. Does the performance degrade with battery age?
  40. Performance Regen vs. 85 kWh Regen
  41. Possible Alternative to Aero wheels
  42. A call for tire industry contacts
  43. break-in period?
  44. Safety crash ratings
  45. New Safety Test: S now clearly safest luxury sedan available?
  46. Model S standard vs. performance!
  47. 19 and 21in wheel size and offsets and weights?
  48. Emulation modes for dealer test-drive cars
  49. Perfomance vs Standard motor noise
  50. Drive through? 'Idling' questions.
  51. Any actual owners gather actual performance data?
  52. High zinc content brake rotors on the Model S?
  53. Edmonds Inside Line: Suspension Walkaround
  54. Range with Winter (Pirelli) Tires
  55. Recommended Tire Pressure
  56. Biggest and Smallest Wh/mi and Biggest Projected Range
  57. Best Car in the World?
  58. Non-perf 85kwh 0-60 mph times
  59. Windshield wipers and de-icing
  60. 21" Wheel Rotational Direction
  61. Drag Coefficient with windows open?
  62. 21" Wheels Less Efficient?
  63. 20" wheels instead of 19?
  64. public parking experiences in garages
  65. What tires are on your car?
  66. Does Model S use Tire Pressure Sensors?
  67. Model S 85kwh - Mercedes S550 comparison
  68. Possible air suspension height settings issue
  69. Road noise at highway speeds coming from wheel wells
  70. When my brake pedal travels to the floor...
  71. Have changes been made to driving dynamics?
  72. 60kwh and 40kwh specs?
  73. Model S proves a 12.6 quarter mile!
  74. Model S vs Roadster on the Track
  75. Real World Experience with 19 Inch Wheels - who has received their S with them?
  76. Model S quicker than 0-60 time suggests
  77. Durability of 21" tires
  78. Winter tire recommendations
  79. Positraction?
  80. Regen limited due to cold today
  81. Accident avoidance - Model S was superb!
  82. Switched from perf 21's to Tesla's 19" winter package
  83. Opting out of the Performance Edition
  84. Rain-X
  85. How does the Model S perform in stop and go traffic
  86. 19" Turbine Wheel Solution
  87. TM Bulletin Board Response to Why No Perf Credit for 19" Wheels?
  88. Shifts to Park when Butt Lifted from Seat?
  89. Lowering Module.... Silly?
  90. snow chains
  91. Static or other noise while driving?
  92. Range difference of 21" tires vs. 19"
  93. Brake lights on when slowing in standard regenerative braking?
  94. My Story
  95. What type of glass is the pano roof made of?
  96. Pike's Peak Hill Climb
  97. Peak Motor Power and Torque for 60 kWh and 40 kWh
  98. Longest single charge range to date?
  99. Suspension adjustment nausea!
  100. Driving in the cold on 21" summer tires?
  101. Anyone Hit the Gear Selector by Mistake?
  102. Who have you converted and from what?
  103. How TPMS is reset in the model S...
  104. Model S is emissions free burnout machine
  105. Wheel Fitment
  106. Software Version 4.0 performance increase?
  107. Model S Brake & Accelerator Pedal Positions
  108. Continental Tires follow rain grooves
  109. Impact of cold on range, performance, battery life?
  110. Roadway Clearance Reports
  111. Test drive in the rain?
  112. Safety mode when driving through standing water
  113. Request for Enhancement: Pedestrian Horn
  114. How to tell when the rear brake lights are on
  115. Anyone get an alignment?
  116. Hills? I've got your hills right here!
  117. Squeaking Brakes
  118. Brake Dust?
  119. Passing speed?
  120. Parking and Blind Spot sensors/assist
  121. Traction in turns
  122. To Creep or Not to Creep?
  123. Suspension mellows with age? (Ride seems smoother after 2100 miles of driving)
  124. Front Collision Detection
  125. Further (beyond the UI) way to adjust the Model S Suspension to make it stiffer?
  126. 21" vs. 19" Cost Breakdown
  127. Air Suspension - Is Very High When Parked OK?
  128. tires, michelin v. continental
  129. Pressure Buffeting - Has anyone experienced it?
  130. Drifting the Model S - Traction Control on/off, Stability control, etc... (vids inc)
  131. Worst energy usage?
  132. Heater
  133. Torque Steer?
  134. Driving my Model S in extreme winter conditions
  135. Defensive Driving in the Model S
  136. Continental ExtremeContact DWS
  137. 19's vs. 21's vs. AfterMarket. What affects efficiency?
  138. Low Rolling Resistance (LRR) tires
  139. Weight of 19" Wheels and Tires
  140. Check Your Tire Pressure!
  141. Had an Accident.... (Collision work for Model S)
  142. Thoughts on these after market wheels / tires
  143. 40 KWH acceleration?
  144. Nokian Studded Tire Package
  145. roadway challenges
  146. Lets hear from the 60kwh owners
  147. Active Air vs. Standard Suspension
  148. Stiffer suspension?
  149. Simulated regen braking option?
  150. South Bay to Tahoe at night in winter with a 60 kWh? Advice wanted.
  151. Pics of 19" winter rims
  152. Why isn't regen integrated with the brake pedal?
  153. Feature idea for ride height and GPS
  154. Snow Chains
  155. Traction Control/Swaying under Firmware v4.2 ?
  156. I can haz Tesla Model S! (Cats in Model S)
  157. Putting 0-60 in Perspective
  158. Aerodynamics
  159. 60kwh performance put another way: compared to your previous car
  160. Phoenix to Flagstaff and back - an elevating experience
  161. 60 kWh 0-60mph time
  162. MSP85 *DESTROYS* a Chevy Volt .. Epic Drag Racing BEATDOWN!
  163. How Is The Model S Build Quality Holding Up So Far?
  164. Hypermiling in the Cold
  165. Model S 60kw vs Audi S4 vs etc
  166. Accelerator Stopped Working
  167. 21" Tire Blow Out (Shout out to Jerry33)
  168. ?? Tuning the 85KW battery into a perf 85kw?
  169. Installing "high performance drive inverter" in the future on a 85 non perf?
  170. Someone at Tesla Decided to Put Michelin Pilots on My New Model S P85 and.....
  171. Anyone else had to replace the whole drivetrain?
  172. Spacesaver spare for trips? Anyone have bolt pattern dims?
  173. Who manufactures the Friction Brakes on the Model S?
  174. Any thoughts on wider 21" tires and wheels?
  175. When did you stop looking at the "gas gauge" ?
  176. How fast will Model S go in Reverse?
  177. Squeaky Brakes :(
  178. Tesla's nerds are out of control -- In a good way
  179. Model S Modifications Thread
  180. Passenger Door Closing and Drain Plug Removal Safety Issue
  181. Negative Camber in the Rear and Expensive Tires
  182. Alignment issues?
  183. Consumer Reports - Winter chills limit range of the Tesla Model S electric car
  184. Does Tesla Service Cover A Tow If You Get A Flat?
  185. Hacking the Model S for evil...
  186. 1st week (really minor) teething ...
  187. Is Model Steering fully electronic or is there a steering shaft?
  188. Tire Stem Caps
  189. My Successful first 500+ mile trip in 60KW
  190. Is Tesla winter testing in North Dakota?
  191. Model S on Ice
  192. Latest on Crash Tests?
  193. Speed calibration (speedometer)
  194. Nokian studded tires
  195. I think my tires are rubbing on the inner fender
  196. Chassis: Getting more than you bargained for
  197. left-rear wheel grindy noise accelerating through left or right curve
  198. 40 to P85 - The Journey from sensible to HOLY ****
  199. Minimum tire weight rating?
  200. lowest performance threshold for p85?
  201. Will they fit? 19" +30 offset
  202. 60 kWh quarter mile
  203. Hypermiling techniques?
  204. The Model S vs. ..... AKA the Model S performance thread
  205. Vulnerable to crosswinds on highway? NOT!
  206. Regen fail - scary
  207. spec of Standard Suspension ?
  208. My Test Drive Today
  209. All regular 85kwh owners, help required
  210. Determining whether you are backing up straight
  211. Can the brakes be upgraded to a BBK?
  212. 85kWh Quarter Mile Time
  213. Air suspension too high error
  214. 22 inch wheels
  215. Is Creep=OFF better?!
  216. TPMS info - help find the OEM manufacturer!
  217. 21" best size TIRES!!! M5 Front 265/35/20 rear 295/30/20; Audi S7 265/35/20.
  218. Where's my performance?
  219. Can your wheels be too light?
  220. Dodge Ram SRT-10 challenged me at a light and...
  221. Brakes freeze up when parked. Previous cars didn't do this.
  222. What steering mode do you use?
  223. wheel fitment question
  224. Anyone taken their MSP to a track day yet? Care to share?
  225. Tire Pressure Monitoring System Problem
  226. How to handle car wash?
  227. Playing in the snow
  228. 20K Tread-wear Warranty - Michelin Tires Pilot Sport
  229. 75 mile round trip commute from LI to NJ Obeservations
  230. Explain range
  231. When to rotate tires? @annual inspection/12,500 or sooner? Who is doing it?
  232. Is it necessary to note the position where your seasonal tires were last mounted?
  233. Why isn't the CREEP setting saved as part of the Driver Profiles?
  234. Road Trip: Post your trip experiences
  235. Should I buy Tire Insurance?
  236. Tesla head on collision with a Honda
  237. Performance Plus Package now available as option or retrofit
  238. Wider rear rims?
  239. Weight Reduction
  240. 60 kw - standard suspension update
  241. What is "LOW" setting Really for?
  242. Does your Model S scrape on speed bumps?
  243. Learning from Car Logs
  244. Acceleration Whine Caused by gears, not motor
  245. Retrofit Suspension Only for Performance Plus?
  246. Tire spin
  247. What do you think of these wheels?
  248. torque vectoring in AWD Model S
  249. Major Rust on Rotors in a few hours ?
  250. Deer Strike