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  1. Pricing and Range
  2. Removable / swappable pack options?
  3. 45 Minute quick charge?
  4. Model S range options - would you pay for more than 160miles?
  5. Distance from Charger to Car
  6. charging compatiblity
  7. Model S - Batteries still liquid cooled?
  8. cost of battery options
  9. Where's the charging port?
  10. 5 minute battery change?
  11. Future Charging for Model S 1-phase or 3-phase ?
  12. Panasonic cells for Model S
  13. Charging model S without a garage?
  14. Miles/charge time?
  15. Poll on battery size.
  16. What charge port connector?
  17. Inductive Charging 22kW 95% efficency, 250mm Distance
  18. How to design my garage?
  19. Endorse my letter to Tesla for supporting 3-phase charging for the Model S
  20. Umc 2.0
  21. Question about the Model S charger
  22. Hpc 2.0
  23. Bigger Battery = Longer Warranty
  24. Model S charge plug & socket adapters
  25. 45 Minute QuickCharge
  26. Justification for 300 mile battery
  27. How to wire the garage...question for the electrical engineers in the crowd...
  28. Micro range extender for Model S?
  29. How best to prepare before my Model S comes?
  30. installation of plug for charger, and curious about th HPC 2.0
  31. Twin Chargers: Why?
  32. No Supercharging for 40Kwh :(
  33. Options / Pricing gripes for 160 mile version
  34. Realistic Assesment of the 160 mile range Model S
  35. Panties in a bunch
  36. Leaf vs 40kW Tesla race.
  37. Ads which illustrate why I am so pissed about Tesla's marketing of the 160
  38. Twin chargers needed for Supercharger access?
  39. Quick Charge Scenarios Near Seattle (or Why I need QC with a 160 miler)
  40. Model S Driving/Charging modes
  41. Likelihood of a CHAdeMO adapter for the Model S
  42. Reasons to upgrade to 60kWh
  43. Actual range of the 160 mile model S
  44. Arguments for the 160 mile S (if you’re not a millionaire of course)
  45. How many miles do you travel in a day?
  46. Convince me I need a bigger battery
  47. Length of cord on universal charger (can it reach from right side of car?)
  48. Poll for the 40 kw buyers vs alternative cars
  49. Range and cost calculator
  50. Solar Garage Anyone?
  51. Model S will support 3-phase charging in Europe!
  52. Adapter: Roadster HPC to Model S
  53. Model S J1772 support?
  54. Model S beta passed 150,000 miles on a single battery pack!
  55. Europe: Future Charging for Model S 1-phase or 3-phase? (Part 2)
  56. Model S regenerative braking at temps under 40F (4C)
  57. Dedicated storage spot for UMC?
  58. How much power from 12 V power outlet?
  59. Model S Charge Modes
  60. concerns about the 40kWh pack
  61. Tesla Model S Efficiency and Range
  62. Only 265 mile range on 85 kWh battery?
  63. Charging on the go? (RV)
  64. Question on Charger Location
  65. EVSE Temperature Issues?
  66. Model S for renters (a.k.a. non-homeowners) / Renting creating hurdle for EV adoption
  67. Model S Charge Port Location Poll
  68. How to calculate the cost to charge?
  69. J1772 adapter compatability with Level 1?
  70. What's a fair price for the supercharging option?
  71. How many kWh have I to produce with PV for 15'000 km/year
  72. Voltage fluctuations and problems with 220V
  73. Can I charge my Model S on a generator? (Is that a generator in your frunk?)
  74. New Section of the Website? "Charging"
  75. Preparing for your Model S: Selecting outlet, Solar City, etc.
  76. Choosing the Right Charging Options for your Model S
  77. Charging a Model S In the Wild
  78. 400 Mile Range Prize
  79. Impact of battery life/capacity on daily distance...
  80. Ok, who will be the first Model S to beat this record?
  81. Battery upgrade after few years
  82. Speculation on EPA 5-cycle ranges for 85 kWh Perf, 60 kWh and 40 kWh
  83. Battery Option Question
  84. Photos and specs on universal mobile connector?
  85. EPA rates Model S at 89MPGe with 85 kWh pack
  86. Is anyone else having trouble deciding between 40kWh and 60kWh?
  87. Battery Swapping/Rental for the Model S
  88. New Tesla S and Chevy Volt Outdoor Curbside Level 2 Charging Station
  89. Charging Habits (frequency,120v vs. 240v, etc.) and Impact on Battery Degradation
  90. 40 kWh dilemma
  91. Battery degradation, replacement cost $22.5k. Roadster owners please speak up.
  92. Battery thermal management - does it work when car is unplugged?
  93. J1772 Adapter for Model S
  94. Charge loss
  95. J1772 adapter, charging practicalities
  96. Question on charging cable
  97. Programming charge times
  98. 50 amp subpanel- can volt and model S both charge?
  99. Available kWh in Standard and Range Mode for Model S?
  100. Elevation Change vs. Range
  101. Running out of power & roadtrips
  102. Model S HPC & J1772
  103. Prototype Roadster plug to Model S charge adapter
  104. High Power Wall Connecter, can you throttle it?
  105. Extreme Long Term Model S Battery Life
  106. HPWC and 60 kWh battery
  107. charging options what should i do?
  108. All-In Electricity Costs for Model S
  109. Supercharging Hardware now standard on 60kwh Model S
  110. Charging Anxiety Log
  111. Charging with the car 'on'?
  112. 40 kWh and 60 kWh EPA range estimates, and how will it effect defferals?
  113. Hack-charging on a generator
  114. Motor Trend: World Exclusive! 2012 Tesla Model S Test and Range Verification
  115. Real World Range Questions (Winter)
  116. Wall Connector vs. Extra Mobile Connector Cable?
  117. Model S/X dual connectors for dual chargers?
  118. Range with standard charge mode in Model S
  119. TMS cooling question when parked and not connected to a charger
  120. Connectors
  121. NEMA 14-50 Outlet Location
  122. Does the RAV4 EV 103 mile EPA range suggest anything about Model S 40 kwh range?
  123. Model S Battery internals question
  124. Nema 6-20
  125. Installed NEMA 14-50 in garage
  126. Charging procedure
  127. 12 V battery pictures
  128. Supercharging option pricing/60 kWh pack fee discussion
  129. Will other brand vehicles be able to use the Supercharger?
  130. Preserving battery life: short or long charges?
  131. Has anyone had success with Blink chargers?
  132. 85 kWh pack now $22k?
  133. Battery reserve and real world range
  134. ICEd Picture Thread
  135. Charging options?
  136. Retractable cord reel for the Model S?
  137. Model S/Lightning/power surge?insurance?
  138. How many amps can the Model S pull from a NEMA 14-50?
  139. Charging with single 10kW charger at more than 40amps
  140. Supercharger integration with Nav
  141. Has Anyone Metered Their EV Outlet?
  142. NEMA 5-20 option?
  143. What charge rates are you observing?
  144. Charge with a low current
  145. Performance vs. Base Model; 60KW vs. 85KW battery choice?
  146. What does the battery degradation curve look like?
  147. Parked & plugged in (storage mode) energy usage?
  148. charging only at supercharging stations bad for battery life?
  149. Installing a HPWC?
  150. Survey of All Alternatives to High Power Wall Connector
  151. New Charging Port Behavior
  152. No charge timer!
  153. UMC cord length?
  154. When will we know the 5 Cycle Range numbers for the 60 KWH Model S?
  155. Repurposing an electric oven 40A circuit for charging
  156. Blue LED
  157. Washington D.C. to New York City
  158. Portable meter
  159. Power drain while idle (Vampire Load)
  160. Drafting Effect on Range
  161. Benefits to Charging Slower?
  162. Dual Chargers and Supercharging
  163. Mountains and steep downhills
  164. Road Trip Range - Actual
  165. Yellow dotted line on power meter
  166. Red UMC - How do I get one? (Mine's silver)
  167. Size and weight of the 40 KW, 60 KW and 85 KW battery (which are available now)?
  168. Why not create a custom battery
  169. Does supercharging harm the battery?
  170. Like a v......, for the very first time, recharging in the wild.
  171. Average wattage for driving at 55mph or in town
  172. Questions of battery degradation over the years, warranty coverage, and battery pack
  173. My Outdoor 240V Charging Outlet (photos attached)
  174. I live at the top of a hill. Should I charge to less than 100%?
  175. 2nd panel versus subpanel?
  176. Best states to charge your Model S
  177. 30 amp to 50 amp
  178. Mobile Connector Woes
  179. My temp NEMA 6-50 install
  180. Charging and limiter questions
  181. Not installing 240V at home
  182. 12V battery issues (error messages/car charging problems)
  183. 60kwh battery: to supercharge or not to supercharge?
  184. 350 mile single day round trip challenge
  185. Should Model S have a solar panel?
  186. Call your electric company well ahead of delivery if you have twin chargers
  187. Model S - HPWC
  188. Cell Types in the model S
  189. Official: Replacement Battery Option
  190. Range expectations for climbing grades
  191. Range mode is "sticky"
  192. will the 60 kWh battery be enough for me?
  193. Time from Standard to Range
  194. Econo Mode?
  195. Need advice on my setup while awaiting HPWC
  196. Charging the Model S with the UMC on an extension cord
  197. Shake Down Cruise Today
  198. 900 mile Supercharger road trip
  199. Supercharger Database
  200. Charger Door--forget to close
  201. Stuck charge cord
  202. Range mode charge - 315 Miles
  203. EPA for 60kWh battery rated at 208mi
  204. Dave Metcalf and son Adam break the 400 miles challenge! Incredible...
  205. Charging Approach
  206. Questions for owners who are waiting for the HPWC
  207. Getting EV charging at your place of business/commercial property
  208. Charging Over Night
  209. Batteries not upgradeable in the future?!
  210. My charge port won't open
  211. MeterPlug - Measures electricity usage
  212. Nema 6-50 as temp till HPWC comes in.
  213. Vehicle Emissions and Cost Calculator
  214. How fast do 70A J1772 systems charge?
  215. Drove 238.8 o Miles on Standard Charge
  216. FrankenCharging at my parent's Will it work?
  217. Unusual home voltage
  218. Why the 12 volt battery?
  219. Big Storm coming...should I unplug?
  220. Service requirement for home chargers
  221. Connectivity: When is iPhone/Android app coming out?
  222. iPhone Charger Locator Apps & other options
  223. I thought we get 31 miles per hour with NEMA14-50
  224. Large Drop in Charge When Parked in the Cold
  225. Typical Supercharging rate?
  226. V4.1 - can't charge?
  227. Can I set the charger to pull more than 40a from a NEMA 14-50?
  228. Curbside charging station with HPWC
  229. Spleen's ghetto/stealth outside UMC / J1772 storage
  230. My Own Supercharger??
  231. Time from Standard to Range
  232. Acceptable extension cords for the UMC
  233. Car to Car Charging
  234. Battery discharges at a rate of 1% per day (page 25 Model S owners manual)
  235. SolarCity installed a 10-50 socket
  236. 120V Charging in the Cold
  237. Is model S right for me?
  238. Looking to charge between Baltimore, MD area and Pittsburgh
  239. Can't charge from 14-50
  240. Range & charge modes, clarification needed
  241. Coast to coast road trips
  242. Charging at 110v 15amp
  243. Best energy usage at high speeds
  244. Intelligent Power Monitoring Systems
  245. Wall Mounted Charger(s)
  246. Best way to drive efficiently off-highway?
  247. Rated vs Ideal vs Projected and how to use them
  248. "Since Last Charge" energy stats not displaying correctly
  249. Climate control and other accessory power sources when parked
  250. 500 Mile Drafting Challenge