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  1. Tesla Group in Cincinnati
  2. Oakbrook (Chicago) store
  3. Any talk of new Stores/Service Center's in this region?
  4. Buy This House in Illinois and Get a Free Tesla Model S Electric Sedan
  5. Tesla delivery parties?
  6. Tesla Service Center STL
  7. Western Suburbs Owners
  8. Any Cincinnati area Tesla owners willing to help out a local Fire Department?
  9. Illinois rebate
  10. Cars arriving at Oak Brook in Sept
  11. Any Cleveland Ohio Model S Rervation Holder out there ready to build?
  12. Looking for St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts
  13. Chicago area test drives?
  14. New automobile tax in Cook County
  15. Tesla Skokie
  16. Chicago area deliveries?
  17. Wild Model S in Oakbrook IL
  18. Charger at St. Louis Science Center
  19. Model S in the Wild in St. Louis
  20. Skokie Run
  21. Solar installation in the St. Louis area?
  22. Illinois meetup started
  23. Experiences with the Chicago service center?
  24. 50+ Amp Chargers in St.Louis
  25. Any Early Deliveries?
  26. Northern Illinois "Meetup" Tesla Owners Group first meeting / photos.
  27. Post Delivery Party - Sig #729 - 12-9-12
  28. St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts Group
  29. Indiana Tesla owners and future owners
  30. Pano roof owners
  31. Minnesota Tesla Owners Club
  32. Fogging windows
  33. New St Louis airport chargers in lot A
  34. Anyone in Missouri get their Missouri tags yet?
  35. Can any Chicago owners comment on sales tax paid?
  36. EV plates (Illinois)
  37. Scarcity of midwest deliveries?
  38. St Louis Auto Show 1/24/13 - 1/27/13
  39. Illinois Green Fleets Rebate Experience?
  40. Minneapolis Service Center!
  41. Missouri EV registration fees
  42. Columbus Ohio Owners?
  43. Charging around Ames, IA.
  44. Milwaukee Wisconsin electricians to install HPWC?
  45. Chicago Roadster Owners: Tesla Photographs
  46. Trip to Des Moines, IA and Quad Cities, IL
  47. After visit to OakBrook store - looking for current Model S owner in Western Suburbs
  48. Good snow in Chicago today, can you share your driving experiences in it?
  49. Anyone in the Chicagoland area take delivery of a green color MS?
  50. Mahomet, IL
  51. Midwest Road Trip!
  52. Very important for Minnesota Tesla owners!
  53. Comed RRTP (Residential Real Time Pricing) Program in Chicago area
  54. Deerfield EV Forum
  55. Chicago to Crystal Lake, MI
  56. Ohio Owners Group
  57. Indianapolis Cars and Coffee
  58. Charging along 70 in Kansas
  59. Custom Installer in or close to Columbus Ohio?
  60. Chicago service center and vent exchange
  61. Driving to Springfield
  62. Calling Illinois EL 453?
  63. ProClip mount: any Model S Owner in/near Madison, WI?
  64. Tesla on the Lake; April Chicago meeting
  65. Chicago - Kansas City Expressway
  66. Anyone with Chicagoland car detail experience?
  67. Nixa/Kansas City single day round trip
  68. Tesla service center in Villa Park, IL
  69. More and More Model S Sightings in Kansas City
  70. IPass install under nose cone
  71. Great Lakes Dragaway
  72. Model S part of tonight's Land of 10000 stories
  73. Places to charge in Saugatuck, MI
  74. Ritz-Carelton St. Louis has 220(?) outlet
  75. Michigan Tesla Owners
  76. Mode
  77. Model S - Range in cold and driving in snow
  78. Minnesota Test Drives
  79. Superchargers in Normal, IL
  80. More job openings at Minneapolis service center.
  81. Chicago crime
  82. Anyone North of Little Rock with HPWC?
  83. Green Energy Ohio
  84. Charging options going north to Chicago
  85. Great Experience with the Chicago Service Center
  86. Tesla Model S needed for TV shoot in Racine, WI
  87. Saint Louis MO Test Drive Model S
  88. Great Time at the Ohio Tesla Owners Group First Meeting
  89. Road Trip from DFW to Lincoln, NE
  90. Michigan Supercharger Locations
  91. Kansas City, MO area Hotel with EV charging
  92. As promised, Wisconsin Dells Charging now available =]
  93. Indy getting an EV car-sharing program in 2014
  94. Nebraska owners of Model S ?
  95. Kansas City Service Center
  96. St Louis Tesla Enthusiasts Meet Up and Winery Cruise
  97. Tesla Model S in or near Fort Wayne, IN?
  98. Tesla Car Washing in the Twin Cities
  99. Cincinnati Model S owners: I need a favor
  100. Xpel PPF
  101. Milwaukee Hotels with Charging
  102. Any Tesla owners in the Mid-Michigan/Thumb area?
  103. Rockford, IL Supercharger location confirmed
  104. Article about Tesla in the St Paul Pioneer Press
  105. 8/3 - Indy to Normal SC lunch trip
  106. Window Tinting in Twin Cities
  107. Recommendation for Installed Electronics, Minneapolis/St. Paul?
  108. Calling an owner to Normal IL Supercharger!!!
  109. Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio Meetup - 8/24/13
  110. Hanging out in the UP
  111. Milwaukee Greater Area Tesla Model S Owners?
  112. Paint Protection in the Twin Cities
  113. EV Charging Hotel in Green Bay?
  114. Northeast Wisconsin/Michiganís UP (Florence, WI) Charger Update
  115. St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts Meet up - 8/24/13
  116. New 80A HPWC at Marshall Auto Body in Waukesha just off I-94 on Bluemound Rd.
  117. Normal, IL Supercharger
  118. Chargine at Meramec Caverns near St. Louis...
  119. Charging Options in/near Brainerd?
  120. Topeka area Tesla owners?
  121. Rockford, IL Supercharger date to open?
  122. Chicago store car colors
  123. Woodward Dream Cruise (Michigan Tesla Owners Event) - Aug 16 & 17, 2013
  124. MSP Airport EV Parking
  125. EV plates getting popular
  126. Chicago electrician recommendations
  127. Milwaukee Visit 8/17
  128. Question for Michigan Model S owners
  129. Illinois Tesla Sightings....
  130. Nebraska Tesla Club first meeting
  131. Wife Persuasion Assistance Needed
  132. Tesla at the Minnesota State Fair!
  133. Tesla needed for an event near Kansas City Aug 27th
  134. Chicago: I'm ready to buy -- any recommendations for person to work with?
  135. Looking for a Minnesota owner to show me their car . . .
  136. Hyatt St.Louis Arch has NEMA 14-50 charger
  137. Escort Passport 9500ci Install in Twin Cities
  138. Just announced: Minneapolis Service Center is also an official Sales Center
  139. Options for O'hare
  140. EV and Sustainability Event In Normal IL. OWNERS NEEDED
  141. Any Chicago owners with vintage detached garages? Question RE 220V
  142. National Plug-In Day - Columbus, OH Sept. 28th
  143. Madison, WI Supercharger
  144. Loaner MS at Dublin, OH SC
  145. Indianapolis - Tesla Store Keystone Mall open 12/13
  146. Minneapolis - Anyone Install a Dedicated EV Time of Use Meter?
  147. The S85 vs. P85, Minnesota Winter Blues Question
  148. Anyone from Wisconsin coming to Rockford Supercharger tomorrow?
  149. Milwaukee and S/E Wisconsin Tesla Owners Chapter now up and running! Need Members!
  150. National Plug In Day - Sept 29th Event - St. Louis
  151. National Plugin Day Event, Sept. 29th, 2013-Springfield, MO
  152. National Plug-in Day Normal IL (SUPERCHARGER TOWN)
  153. Seeking a Model S to photograph for 2014 Calendar
  154. Upcoming superchargers- Eau Claire/ Madison/ Pleasant Prarie
  155. Chicago Superchargers?
  156. Chicago area BBQ, wine, and tint?
  157. They took a Model S test drive St Louis
  158. NW Indiana NIPSCO IN-Charge free charging 10 pm- 6am
  159. Join us for National Plugin day in Wisconsin!
  160. Minneapolis Area - Police pullover their first Tesla in Lauderdale
  161. EV Charging in Wichita, KS
  162. Aftermarket wheel installation
  163. Chicago area electrician: had a great experience and making a recommendation
  164. Going for speed today. Milwaukee to St. Louis (Wentzville to be exact)
  165. Indianapolis Cars And Coffee
  166. Local Lotus Enthusiasts - Join Us for Events (Invite)
  167. Highland Park, IL service center to open soon!
  168. Blink Chargers at IKEA in Bolingbrook, IL
  169. Central Indiana : National Plug In Day Event - Sept 29th
  170. Court order brings hope for Chicago car charging stations - Not huge news...
  171. Body shop recommendations in StLouis
  172. Eau Claire, WI Supercharger News
  173. Branson, MO Area (Big Cedar Lodge) has NEMA 14-50
  174. Any Cincinnati area EV drivers free next wednesday?
  175. Charging available at the Holiday Inn in Duluth, MN
  176. Wisconsin/Tesla Article
  177. Is this a Model S Normal Illinois
  178. Model S Halloween Idea... I need input.
  179. Cincinnati Tesla Store
  180. Gawker Media looking for a Tesla Model S for a Video Shoot in Detroit on Thu 10/10/13
  181. Chicago winter wheels for my Model S
  182. Care to meet up? I am visiting Chicago on Oct 19 - Oct 23
  183. Chicago Land Accountant with EV credit experience?
  184. Awesome repair work.
  185. Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN
  186. SuperCharger - Lafayette, IN
  187. EV Parade - Circleville Pumpkin Show OHIO
  188. CHAdeMo Adapter, any one in S/E WI want to split the cost?
  189. Minnesota Tesla Owners meeting November 5th!
  190. Looking for Model S owners with a HPWC in Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo NY
  191. Opti-Coat Pro in the Western Suburbs
  192. Opti-Coat Pro North and West Suburbs
  193. South Dakota Superchargers
  194. HPWC Installs in West Michigan
  195. Chicago Condo Charging
  196. Cars and Coffee St. Louis
  197. Worthington, MN Supercharger
  198. One of TMC members in the news...
  199. Anyone going to be in Rockford tomorrow?Thinking of loosing my Supercharger Virginity
  200. Easton Town Center Gallery progress!! Columbus, OH
  201. Help-davenport & des moines - use of your 100a hpwc for my thanksgiving nebraska trip
  202. New white Model S in the Dayton, OH area
  203. Any roadster owners in south bend or neighboring area?
  204. Wisconsin's First Supercharger has begun construction!
  205. Indiana's First Supercharger (Mishawaka, Dec 11)
  206. Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking
  207. Cleveland, OH Service Center
  208. Muskegon Area, looking for a charge cable. Forgot mine at home.
  209. St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts Dec Meet-up - Dinner and Xmas Lights
  210. Macedonia Ohio - first OH supercharger?
  211. Ohio Superchargers
  212. Kansas City Service Center
  213. Chicago Supercharger!
  214. Toledo Supercharger Location Poll
  215. Ft. Wayne, IN Charging
  216. Supercharger - Macedonia, OH
  217. Albert Lea, MN Supercharger
  218. Michigan - Indiana Supercharger Dec-11 Ribbon Cutting Event (IL-IN-MI-OH event)
  219. Wisconsin Tesla Sightings...
  220. Highland Park, IL Service Center!
  221. Who is driving their MS's through the cold?
  222. Milwaukee charging
  223. Minnesota Supercharging Discussion & Tracking
  224. Minneapolis to Toronto (and back)
  225. Anyone Have Experience with Gold Coast Auto Body in Chicago?
  226. Ohio car dealers sue over Tesla dealership
  227. Cincinnati (Blue Ash) Service
  228. Looking for a charge port south of Minneapolis....fast
  229. Supercharger - Maumee, OH
  230. Kansas City Detailing Recommendations
  231. Getting my Model S this Friday need a installer for charger in Chicago suburbs
  232. IL EVSE Installation & Rebate
  233. Anyone know good company that applies Opticoat in Milwaukee area
  234. Just got word for my January 22nd delivery in Villa Park (IL)
  235. St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts 1st Anniversary dinner
  236. Columbus, OH Service Center - Morse Rd. (new location of old service center)
  237. Well, I have departed on last minute road trip!
  238. Cleveland and Cincinnati Service Center #2 (Loveland) Coming Soon
  239. 2014 - St. Louis Auto Show - Jan 23rd to 26th
  240. So, Whats Everyone doing Saturday Jan 25th? :) Anyone Interested in Get-Together?
  241. overnight weekend trip from Cincinnati to Indianapolis
  242. Time For Some Destination Chargers!
  243. Cars and Coffee at Highland Park SC Saturday Feb. 8TH
  244. ohare auto body in Chicago
  245. Urgent Ohio action needed
  246. Watching for I-70 Superchargers from Denver to St. Louis
  247. Central Indiana meet-up
  248. Wanna' Autocross your Tesla this summer in Wisconsin? Yeah you do! July 20th
  249. Well, I made it to Niagara Falls......Barely.
  250. TMC Connect 2014: @TeslaRoadTrip to California - Planning